Hello, Syracuse!

Just a few days ago I was sitting at the table with my mom and looking over our calendars for the rest of the year and realizing just how quickly the rest of this year is going to speed past. Dani’s fall drama, Witness for the Prosecution, is only two weeks away from opening night, I’ve got weekends filled with glorious Canteen on the Fly events, and my mom’s QVC schedule will have her up at all hours of the day and night! Once again hitting the family calendar is the Concert Choir Thanksgiving Eve party, for which we spent some time last night starting to discuss the details, which may involve me spending two days baking dozens of cookies… anyone want to come over and pretend like we’re cooking at camp?

We realized that this past weekend would be the ONLY weekend between now and the end of the year when one of us didn’t already have plans. So, we made the official decision to take our weekend of opportunity and make the trek up to Syracuse University, to see camp friends and check out the campus. The drive was only about 4 hours and we armed ourselves with extra large coffees and snack bars in the car. When we finally arrived in Syracuse we were greeted by a very excited Rebecca Waxman, who graciously let us stay with her for the evening! We unloaded our duffels into her super cute dorm room, and quickly got ready to go out to dinner. We returned to the parking lot as Rachel Dender and Brittany Kahane jumped out of the car to greet us. After lots of hugs we loaded our cars and drove off in to town. We had a reservation for Habachi and had a delightful time snacking on sushi appetizers as our entrees were grilled right in front of us.

Girls Night Out in 'Cuse

After dinner we went to the Carousel Mall to see “Due Date”. The Carousel Mall is the SAME mall we visited while on the Super Senior/CIT College Tour this summer. As soon as we stepped inside I was overwhelmed with memories from the trip, specifically the hours we spent in that very mall, searching for the perfect gift for our “Bigs” or “Littles”. We had great seats for the movie, and it was quite funny, although by the time it was over I was definitely exhausted! We drove back to campus, parked my car, and took off on foot to explore the campus.


Once our fabulous walking tour commenced it was definitely time for bed! We rolled out our sleepover mats (some very famous Camp Celebs have enjoyed the infamous sleeping mats when visiting our family!) and had long life chats until we fell asleep. In the morning we woke up and met Brittany for breakfast in the dining hall. The girls told us all about school and their big plans for the rest of the semester, and we also made some plans to get together over breaks, and perhaps take a trip to visit some other camp friends!

Yum Yum!