Home Visit: Meet Lily!

I had a great time today with Lily, a current 2nd grader that is coming to Canadensis for the first time this summer as a Lower Junior Girl! She lives in Maple Glen, PA and I got to meet her for the first time last summer when she came up and did the Tour & More Weekend.  I’m so excited for her to spend the full summer at camp…her father grew up at Canadensis – and now it’s her turn!

Lily has an older brother, and a younger sister.  She loves to “play teacher” and sometimes her sister Madison will be the student.  Little sister Madison also inspired a school report this year, when she had to pick a President to learn about, she chose the 4th President (James Madison) to write her report about.  Lily is a great student, who used to say gym was her favorite subject, but these days she is really loving math.  She was recently learning about math probabilities, which came in handy while playing the Mega Millions Lotto last week…she understood the probability of winning was really small!

She also loves to dance!  She goes to Hip Hop Dance class every week, and she’s working on a routine to the Britney Spears & Madonna song “Me Against The Music“.  Her dance recital is on the same day as Open House (up at camp on June 3rd) but luckily she is going to be able to do both!  She is going to perform on stage, and then rush up to camp in time to enjoy meeting new camp friends, and eating some Corman!  Some of her other favorite after school activities include gymnastics, and playing field hockey.

We talked about what to pack for camp, and she will definitely be packing some books!  She recently read a celebrity biography about Selena Gomez.  We looked through the camp photo album, and she is totally pumped to try all the activities – especially the arts.  She was also excited to hear about the Canadensis Outdoors program that will take her on an overnight, and the cooking program that she didn’t even know we had!  Lily will definitely have a ton of fun at camp this summer, and maybe she’ll even learn some good recipes that can accompany the Italian Wedding soup that her mom makes and is her favorite!

I wanted to share one other thing with you on this beautiful Thursday evening…  The word art above was created by two new Canadensis Campers, Anna & Sophie.  They are both in 3rd grade and will be Junior Girls this summer, and if you read back through my older blog posts, you’ll get to read more about each of them.  They were super sweet to write me an email during a recent sleepover – it had TONS of smiley faces in it, and it said how much they can’t wait for their first summer at camp to start!  They attached the awesome word art that you see above.  It absolutely made my day, and I wanted to share it with all of you!

I love all the words that they picked to describe Canadensis, and it makes me want camp to come even quicker.  Only 80 days left to go!