Home Visits!

It always awesome spending time with new campers!!  Annabelle is a current 3rd grader, who will be a new Upper Junior Girl at camp this summer.  She lives in Philadelphia, and without a doubt they are the Canadensis family that lives closest to me, so I just walked over to visit!  Here’s what you need to know about Annabelle:

  • She has an awesome bedroom, with an antique doll house that once was her moms!
  • She’s an artist, in the photo above she’s holding a cool stuffed animal with a roll out tongue that she made at Handworks Studio.
  • She’s already climbed up two of our rock wall paths on visiting day, can’t wait to see her master all of them this summer!  (she even had a broken pinky at the time!)
  • Annabelle once camped out in her backyard, and can’t wait for the overnight!
  • She loves Grease, and thinks we should do it as the camp show – I’ll definitely suggest it!
  • She has dressed up and performed as Katy Perry in a talent show.
  • She can’t wait for Glass Fusion, and might also big the ceramics wheel as an elective.  She has her own ceramic wheel at home, so she’ll be ready to try our big ones this summer!
  • She likes our surfboards, and is excited to do more activities on the lake.
  • She wants to be on the Gold Team (in part, because she has blonde hair).
  • Even though archery was hard for her at day camp last summer, she’s still excited to do it at Canadensis!
  • Her guinea pig is named “Sarah” and her dog is named “Jordan”.
  • She is a Yankee’s fan (in Philly!) – just like me!
  • She loves crafting so much that she was on her way to A.C. Moore after I left!
Annabelle’s big brother is a returning camper.  Eli is a current 5th grader who will be an Upper Inter Boy this summer.  Since I visited on Martin Luther King Day, he was having a sleepover with one of his bunkmates.  Lucas is also a 5th grade, Upper Inter Boy, who is excited to return to Canadensis for his second summer.
The guys were playing an intense game when I was over, but Eli told me he has been enjoying his new school (Masterman) and playing basketball, tennis and drums.  Lucas has also started at a new school, and at the moment his broken arm is holding him back from some of the sports he loves, but he can’t wait for baseball season!
Next up was a trip to Penn Valley, where I visited with Lindsay, a current 3rd grader that will be an Upper Junior Girl.  Lindsay is SO ready for camp, she’s watched Today Shows, seen tons of pictures, and even spent two nights at camp!  She has done Tour & More for the past two summers, and above is her picture from 2012.  Here are some things you need to know about Lindsay:

  • She loves the banana boat and rock wall already – has already tried both!
  • She loves basketball, soccer, gaga, gymnastics and dance.
  • She is also very artistic, she showed me an awesome pillowcase she made at handwork studio – it was blue & gold and embroidered with “Canadensis” – amazing!
  • I was also impressed with the beads she wove together to spell out her name, and the bracelets she made.
  • She loves to be on stage, was just recently John Valjean in Les Miserables.
  • She is reading all of the Harry Potter books, for the second time!
  • Lindsay loves riding her bike at home, and makes her bed (most of the time!)
  • She can’t wait for all the activities at camp – we are going to have to make sure she gets enough sleep!
  • She’s a big snow skier (can’t wait to see her on waterskis!) and she has a whole scrapbook of all the vacations she’s been on.
  • She wants to be on the blue team so she can use the color hairspray, and was wondering if she’ll be on the same team with her big sister.  (FYI, only CIT’s are guaranteed to be on the same team as their sibling – but if siblings end up on opposite teams, they can share blue & gold items, and celebrate whoever wins!)
  • She’s already planning what kind of water gun she wants to use for the HUGE after visiting day water fight!
  • She is outgoing, fun, and ready to try anything!
  • Lindsay is going to be missed a lot at home…especially because she has great eyes, and her parents loved that she could pick out her older sister in every single picture on the website, no matter how small!
Which brings me to Anna, a current 4th grader that will be a Lower Inter Girl, and this will be her second year at camp!
It was so good to see her, and talk about last summer!  She said her favorite place in camp was the rock climbing wall… or the summit – she couldn’t decide, but said both were even better than cooking!  She’s been busy doing a lot of reading, including a set of books sent to her as a gift from Jen Romberg, her group leader and counselor last summer.  It was such a kind and unexpected surprise, and Anna’s been loving the Lemony Snicket series!  Anna was in the camp show Annie last year, and she suggested The Music Man for 2013…great idea!

Younger brother William has started kindergarten, and he was building legos during my visit.  He very quickly put together a model car without any help!  We all posed for this fun and silly photo above.  Lindsay loaned me a clown nose, while she used a balloon as a mustache!  Anna has an awesome blonde curly wig, and all the “props” in the photo are great examples of some of the fun and silly things that are good to pack for camp!  Always think about how things can serve double purposes at camp, the wig is great for dress up evening activities, and will come in handy for gold team during color war!
Check out some of Anna’s camp memories from 2012!  She has a box full of letters and awards from camp (she received the Fabric Arts award!), and she used stickers to spell the names of all her Bunk 4 camp friends.  The poster on the right is some of her favorite pictures from last year – awesome!!