Home Visits!

I recently got to spend some time in Rye Brook, Westchester, NY.  I was visiting with Zoe, a current 3rd grader that will be an Upper Junior Girl this summer.  She’s really sweet, and although she’s been at camp for the past two visiting days – I really first got to know her during the Tour & More Weekend last summer, check out her photo above.  Here are some things you need to know about Zoe:

  • She is a good writer will write many more letters home than her brother – her parents agree!
  • Zoe’s favorite color is red (maybe she’ll be on the red team for Revolutionary War Day on July4th?) and for Color War she wants to be on the blue team…because it’s harder to find gold shirts!
  • She plays soccer every season – winter, spring, fall, and of course she’ll be playing at camp this summer!  She just started playing in a new indoor winter soccer league.
  • She has a seashell collection in her room.
  • She had lots of books in her room, including a collection of  “summer camp” books.
  • If she could redecorate her room, she would paint animals all over her walls.  Her favorite animal is a monkey, but right now the only pet she has are the fish that have a tank in her room.
  • She’s a good cook, and her specialty is cupcakes!  She once was trying to decorate cupcakes like a soccer ball, but it turned into a smiley face 🙂
  • Zoe is excited for the lake activities at camp!  She has been on the water trampoline and water mat in the lake, and is excited to do more activities.
  • She is a snow skier, she’s gone skiing in a lot of places, including Colorado.
  • She loves 1D (the band One Direction, in case you didn’t know the lingo…)
  • She plays the guitar (awesome!)
  • She plans on choosing glass fusion for some electives this summer!

Her older brother Zachary is a current 5th grader, who will be an Upper Inter Boy this summer.  Zachary started at Canadensis with the Tour & More Program in 2010, but I won’t post a picture since it’s not “Throwback Thursday”!  This will be his third summer at camp, and he’s been enjoying spending time with the Bunk 9 guys, especially at the camp reunion.  He had great stories about last summer, including a few about his CIT Jordan “JMitch” Mitchell – it’s always great to hear the impact that our oldest campers have on Lower Camp.  During the winter, Zach has been playing basketball and soccer.  He also really loves roller hockey at camp and can’t wait for CHL (Canadensis Hockey League) this year.

Always love to spend time with returning siblings too!  In Short Hills, NJ, I caught up with Sam, a current 7th grader who will be a Lower Senior this summer – first time on Senior Side!  Lots of new things are in store for Sam, (and all the Lower Seniors) at camp this year.  He is in the process of preparing for his Bar Mitzvah, he’s listening to the parsha once a week on his iPhone (my how times have changed, I used to have to pause and rewind it on my walkman!).  Sam has also been seeing lots of camp friends this year has also started taking tennis lessons because he liked it so much at camp!  He’s a busy guy, doing lots of homework – and he’s looking forward to baseball league this Spring.  He saw the custom iPhone case I made (see below) and said he’d want to make one with the Geico Gecko!

Lexi is a current 5th grader, and will be an Upper Inter this summer.  I can’t believe it’s already going to be her 3rd summer at camp!  She loved soccer at camp this summer so she started playing in the fall and really enjoyed it – she was excited to hear that “the Smasher” was returning and thought that my upcoming trip to London to hire staff was really cool.  Lexi had a great time at the reunion, all of last years Bunk 9 decided to work together and won more than 2000 tickets in the arcade!  They decided to get a bunk prize, so they all got rubber ducky’s – hers is orange, so cute!  She’s been busy taking dance lesson, and spent winter break in Los Angeles visiting her family out there. One of her favorite memories from last summer was the “HCM”…Hot Chocolate Mission…I can’t give you too many details, but let’s just say it sounded awesome!!!

Here’s a picture of my current cell phone case…it’s just a clear case, but I used the Silhouette tool to cut out some paper with my name.  I put it between my phone and the clear case, and it looks awesome – plus I can easily change it daily based on my mood!  This is just one of the different types of projects we can make in the new Stationery elective this summer!