Home Visits!

I’ve been on the road for camp a lot lately, but before I left I got to meet some awesome new campers that I can’t wait to introduce you to!  First up from Blue Bell, PA is Lily, a current 4th grader who will be a new Lower Inter Girl this summer.  She cannot wait for her first summer at Canadensis, it’s a family tradition!  Her father went to Canadensis for many years, and her cousins Alex & Valerie are currently campers too!  Here’s what you need to know about Lily:

  • She loves animals and would want to get a dog.  She currently has a fish, but if she could pick any animal in the world she would get a teacup pig (never heard of it before, but they are super cute!!)
  • The best thing about living in her neighborhood is getting to hang out with all of her friends, and they have tennis courts which is one of her favorite sports.
  • She plays basketball at school, even if it’s just her with the “guys” because she really enjoys it!  She’s also on a softball team.
  • She has been horseback riding in Arizona on a family vacation, and wants to take lessons at camp this year.
  • She goes hiking as a family, and she’s going to love going on the overnight the summer!  She collects snow globes and has them from some of her vacation spots.
  • She showed me some of the arts and crafts in her room – she had a whole drawer full (that was very organized).  She’s made clay coasters, bracelets with beads, and things she’s created on the ceramics wheel.
  • She’s likes paddle boarding, so I told her about the Macarena game that girls bunk 3 taught me to play on the boards last year, so fun!  She wants to also try waterskiing this summer!
  • She can’t wait to go zip lining and try the summit on the lake.  Her cousin Valerie told her that she is going to absolutely love cooking!  She’ll probably choose glass fusion for an elective, and maybe quads too!
  • Her favorite subject in school is math…really!
  • She knew the blue team won cw were last year… it must have been a lucky guess!?
  • She came to camp on Fourth of July for her tour last summer, and she got to have the cornman – YUM!  She also spent time looking for her father in pictures in the dining hall.
  • Lily thinks she is going to sign up for a medium group at Dorney park – which means lots of rides, but nothing upside down!
  • She’s started planning how she’ll decorate her camp walls.  I won’t give it all away, but it involves posters of Luke Bryan (country singer) and Taylor Lautner’s abs!
  • Lily is pretty much ALWAYS in a good mood – she has a daybed so it’s not even possible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed!

Finally, you should also know that Lily has an “unnatural sibling” at camp!  This is a game we play at morning line-up at Canadensis, where you look similar to someone who is NOT a relative.  It’s hard to tell with the sunglasses on, but former camper & counselor Sammi Goldberg and Lily look A LOT alike!! 

I also spent some time in Lafayette Hill with Alexa, a current 3rd grader who will be an Upper Junior Girl this summer!  She greeted me at the door wearing an “I <3 Canadensis” – so she has a TON and excitement for the upcoming summer!  Here’s what you need to know about Alexa:

  • She is a very good student!  She knows how to speak a little bit of Chinese, Spanish, and is learning Hebrew.  She also knows how to count and French!
  • Alexa loves Justin Bieber…really loves him!  When we up in her room, I counted 10 Justin’s in her room but I’m sure there are a lot more!
  • She likes a lot of different kinds of music.  She has gone to a lot of concerts, including Hannah Montana, Justin Bieber and Jingle Ball.  And a Madonna concert too!
  • She’s actually named after a Billy Joel song…”The Downeaster Alexa” – and even his daughter is named Alexa.
  • Alexa loves to read…she can’t get enough of it, there were tons of books in her room!
  • Her favorite sports are kickball and gaga – she will get to play a bunch at camp!
  • Alexa goes to gymnastics and really loves it!
  • She currently takes hip-hop dance and wants to also take lyrical next year.
  • She’s a big dancer…we even played “just dance” video game during my visit.
  • She is an older sister to two brothers Ari and Max.
  • I was there the day before her birthday – and she showed me the cupcakes that she decorated herself that her classmates got to enjoy!
  • At her birthday party, they did airbrushing (see below) and learned how to play the cup games that we do in the dining hall!
  • She likes to vacation both in Colorado to go skiing and down the shore at the beach.
  • She is definitely going to be signing up zip line and glass fusion electives this summer.  She also can’t wait for cooking.
  • She had a lot of ceramics projects that she has painted in her room.
  • She likes carrots and cucumbers but maybe we can introduce her to some new vegetables too?
  • Her mom went to summer camp and had so much.  She’s still really close with a lot of camp friends, and Alexa can’t wait to have that at Canadensis!

At Alexa’s birthday party, showing some Canadensis spirit!  Marissa, Kylie & Alexa will all be Junior Girls!

Here are some other photos I’ve recently received from Canadensis Campers…if you are meeting camp friends, send photos to pam@canadensis.com!

Some girls from last years Bunk 7!  Abby, Maddy, Samantha and Alexandra!

A brother/sister meet up!  The Amanda’s will be new Junior girls, and their brothers Jordan & Jeremy will be Upper Inters.