Home Visits in Bucks County, PA!


Last week I headed up to Bucks County, PA and met with two new campers that are getting excited for their first summer at Canadensis!!  Misha is a current 2nd grader, and will be a Junior Girl this summer.  She toured camp last summer, and liked it so much that she came back for our Tour & More Play Day (her favorite part was getting to do the banana boat in the lake!).  She’s from Newtown, PA, but spends her summers at the beach, and attended Camp By The Sea in Margate, NJ for the past few summers, where the best activities were surfing and gaga.  She has a younger brother and sister (Lila will be doing the Tour & More Weekend this summer!) and we had an awesome time talking all about camp!  Here’s what you should know about Misha:

  • She missed one of her piano lessons for my visit, and right after I left she was heading to a Purim carnival – she has a busy schedule!  She also takes Mad Science clasess and will start to play softball this Spring!
  • She has a pet snake in her room that is orange, and is named Pumpkin.  She also really likes puppies!
  • This summer she’s going to take horseback riding lessons and she might want to be in the camp play (she recently did a show at school!).
  • For Halloween she dressed up as a zombie cheerleader, so creative!
  • Her family goes on camping outside in their backyard.  Usually Misha and her dad are the ones who make it through the night the longest!  She’s excited for her COALS overnight this summer!
  • She really likes basketball, and thinks she’ll pick it for one of her electives.  She’s in a basketball league right now and their nickname is the “Pickles”! She also thinks gaga is very cool.
  • She’s not sure she’s going to love cooking at camp, but I told her is one the most popular activities!
  • She will definitely be in an extreme group for Dorney.  Her family went to Disney recently and she did all the rides, including Rock ‘n Roller Coaster and Hollywood Tower Terrors.
  • Her favorite color is like a blue-ish/turquoise, and she loves Taylor Swift, one of her favorite songs is “We Are Never Getting Back Together“.
  • She has tons of art in her room, including ceramics she’s made at school (and in after school classes) and also has paintings on her wall…some made by her, and some awesome ones made by her grandma!
  • I came over on a super warm March day, and she wore shorts to school…Misha is totally ready for camp!
Next, I went to Furlong, PA to meet Makenzie, a current 4th grader who will be a Lower Inter Girl at camp this summer!  She has lots of cousins who go to different sleepaway camps, and she has seen a bunch of them by going up on Visiting Day.  Her older sister was never interested in camp, but it was Makenzie’s idea to come to Canadensis independently, and make tons of new camp friends!  Here’s what you should know about Makenzie:
  • She’s a cheerleader on the Rock Starz All Star cheerleading squad.  She is a back spotter for stunts and is working on all kinds of tumbling passes.
  • It’s a huge commitment, she has practices three or four days a week and lots of competitions on the weekends.  When she used to have more after school free time, she took tennis and dance lessons.  She still makes time for Hebrew School, though!
  • Her cheer friends are going to be on her pillow case at camp this summer!  At a recent competition in Washington DC, she got a pink and purple pillow case with their photo on it.  It’s super soft, and she’s going to decorate her bunk around it!
  • Her favorite color is purple, and she has a 1Direction poster she thinks she’ll hang up on her walls.
  • She’s been going to day camp for 6 summers, and she has a perfect losing record for Color War.  6 straight losses…but maybe she’ll start a perfect winning streak at Canadensis!?
  • Right before coming to her house, I stopped for ice cream at OWowCow, so we talked about our favorite ice cream flavors – she really likes cookie dough and cookies and cream, so that’s probably what she’ll choose at Casino Theatre this summer!
  • She has a really good fourth-grade teacher, and was doing her homework in the office when I came over.
  • Makenzie can be quiet at first, but she is a really good friend and her bunk will be lucky to have her!
  • Luckily no campers every sleep on top bunks at Canadensis…she rolls around a lot and doesn’t want to fall off!  (Most bunks at camp don’t have any bunk beds!)
  • She likes doing art and said she would pick ceramics for one of her electives.
  • She’s really excited about The Summit and all of the lake activities she’ll have on her schedule – her mom says she’s a fish!
  • Her family has a fireplace in the living room and makes s’mores regularly!  Her dad said she’s very patient and has good marshmallow roasting technique!  Can’t wait to see it this summer at the campfires!
One last home visit to tell you about…in the photo above is Carli Forti, a current 22 month old, who will be at camp for the 3rd time this summer!  I’m sure you’ve seen lots of photos of Carli on our Canadensis media, her parents are Eric Forti (camp director) & Robin Forti (tour coordinator), who met at camp and both continue to spend summers there…so Carli is our younger Canadensis camper!  I got to hang out with this super cutie recently, and here’s what she’s been up to:
  • She’s been cooking up a storm in her play kitchen!  She made me some tuna and potato chips!
  • She recently dressed up as a Hamantaschen for Purim, and had a great time at the Beth Or Purim Carnival.
  • She’s been on the birthday party circuit almost every weekend!  Lots of her friends and cousins have been celebrating big milestones.
  • She loves puppies, Elmo and baby dolls.
  • She also loves books, especially if someone else is doing the reading!
  • She’s fantastic at cleaning up when play time is over.
  • She’s been learning everything so quickly lately, including a lot of different songs!
  • She loves chapstick and getting her hair dried right before bedtime!  (I agree…I never like going to bed with wet hair or chapped lips!)

Can’t wait to have all these awesome young ladies on Girls Side at Canadensis this summer!!