Home Visits in North Jersey!

I’ve got two new campers to introduce you to!  Jade is a current 3rd grader who will be a Junior Girl – and she lives in Closter, NJ.  She greeted me at the door when I arrived, along with her super cute dog named Rocky.  She loved trying all the activities at day camp, and we’ve got way more for her to try this summer!  Some of her favorites are arts & crafts, swimming, basketball and soccer.  Jade also rides go-karts and at camp they called her the “speed devil”!  She feels comfortable being in shows and up on stage, she’s been “Auntie Em” in the Wizard of Oz, and she’s also been in Aladdin.  On my visit, she told me about the upcoming talent show she is planning to be in!

At the talent show, she will definitely be wearing purple – it’s her favorite color!  We toured her beautiful purple bedroom and she showed me her collection of  stuffed animals (some that her sister brought back from the Dorney Park trip!), books and pillows – including an ice cream sandwich pillow (which looked delicious!).  Jade has made a lot of craft projects for herself and family members.  She also loves fashion, and getting her toes painted – so her bunkmates should prepare for lots of manicure parties!

This summer, she wants to learn how to ride a bike and I’ve heard she’s a good chef who will be making some great food in cooking!  She will also help her bunk be the cleanest and win honor bunk awards – according to her parents, she is the neatest of all the siblings!

Her older sister Adina will be a Lower Senior at camp, and it’s her 5th summer at Canadensis (5 year jacket time!!).  Although she’s moving over to Senior side this summer, she’s going to be looking out for Jade all the time!  While I was over, she was wearing her bunkmate Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah sweatshirt, and she’s been seeing a lot of her friends this year.  She’s having a great time, and I loved seeing all the camp photos up in her room!

Isak will be an Upper Senior this summer, and it will also be his 5th year at camp!  This picture shows him in his garage workshop where he gets to do woodworking all year!  I was really impressed with the signs he’s made, and we were just steps away from his dirt bike that he also likes to work on.  He loves dirtbiking so much that it was actually his Bar Mitzvah theme!  Isak definitely stays busy – he’s even putting together videos for his school like JCal does with the today show during the summer!

My next stop was in Tenafly, NJ with Sydney, a current 3rd grader who will be a Junior Girl this summer!  She can’t wait for her first summer at Camp Canadensis!  Her favorite activities are soccer, gymnastics, basketball and softball (in that order!) – and she does most of them as after school activities.  She likes being on a team, and right now she’s on the Tenafly Tigers.  However, she also loves arts and crafts, swimming and adventure – she’s the definition of a well-rounded Canadensis girl!

She had just spent winter break skiing in Colorado, and on one of her first tries waterskiing last summer she was able to stand up.  She will no doubt be skiing circles around the lake this year, and she’s excited about the summit and other water toys too.  Sydney describes herself as a “crazy girl” who loves zip lining, rock climbing, water slides and upside down roller coasters!  Her room was still decorated with streamers from her December birthday, and while we talked I enjoyed seeing the art projects she’d made in her room, especially the bracelets.  Sydney’s favorite color is blue, and she likes “One Direction“, so maybe those preferences will be reflected in her bedding & posters this summer?  We’ll have to wait a few more months to find out…

She might be missing her adorable puppies Sammy and Pixie while she’s away at camp, but she’ll bring pictures of them up – and will be writing tons of letters home.  Remember everyone…more letters usually means more visiting day candy!  Sydney is totally ready for an awesome summer at camp…checkout what she wore to sleep the night after my visit!

While I was in the Garden State, I also visited my friend Abbie who works at BeeBee Designs in Livingston, NJ.  They sell a lot of camp essentials (and the super fun camp stuff) at their store, and I wanted to check it out!  They had tons of games and clothing, and apparently they’ll have 5 times more in store when the official camp season kicks off on February 11th!  My favorite item in the store was the Canadensis airbrushed sweatpants they had on display…check it out!

And finally…we LOVE when Canadensis campers meet up…and we love seeing the photos!  This picture was taken at a recent Bat Mitzvah, and shows Jordyn (4th grade, Lower Inter), Sabrina (7th grade, Lower Senior) and Rachel (7th grade, Lower Senior).  Looks like a fun night!

(BTW…the Bat Mitzvah sweatshirt Adina is wearing above is from this Rachel!)