Home Visits: Main Line, PA

Another fun night of home visits!  My first stop was in Villanova, PA, and I can’t wait to introduce you to Skye, a current 3rd grader who will be a Junior Girl at camp for the first time this summer.  I first got to meet her when she spent the night at camp last summer for the Tour & More Weekend, and I can’t wait for her to spend the full seven weeks!  The first thing you need to know about Skye is that she is a serious dancer…she is at the studio at least three times a week, and she knows a bunch of routines!  She has recently danced to the song “Low” and “Superbass” in some of her recitals.  If Skye is in your bunk this summer, you are definitely going to have an awesome MTV Night dance routine! She is already planning on joining the Camp Canadensis dance team, and getting to travel to other camps for competitions.

She loves watching reality talent shows, including “American Idol”, “America’s Got Talent” – and she also likes “Glee”!  Her favorite movie is “Back The The Future”, so when we vote on the drive-in movies for summer 2012, she might have to convince her friends to vote for it! She also likes riding her bike, and she has a great driveway for practicing.  She enjoys playing tennis and doing gymnastics – and she plans to do a bunch of it this summer!  She has dedicated her winter to dancing, so she doesn’t get to do those activities as much this year.  She does make time for Hebrew school each week, but on the night I spent with her, she got to skip it because I was visiting!

By the time this blog goes up online, she will have just turned 9 years old (happy belated bday!).  When I met with her, she told me the plans for her candy themed/dance routine birthday party, and it sounded sweet and fun!   She had already gotten one of her gifts though, it was an awesome makeover of her bedroom!  She gave me a tour, and told me how everything was different just a few days ago.  Now she has a huge canopy bed, cool blue walls, and really fun decorations.  I can’t wait to see how she decorates her camp bed!  Her dad went to University of Arizona (like me!) and her mom is a huge fan of all things campy!  She is the big sister to two adorable little brothers, and everyone will be expecting lots of letters explaining all the camp fun she’s having this summer…

My next stop was in Merion Station, PA with siblings Ben and Talia.  Ben is a current 4th grader, who will be a Lower Inter Boy at camp for his second summer.  This guys stays VERY busy during the winter – he told me about the cake decorating class he’s taking, the books he’s been reading (he just finished a “Wrinkle In Time”) and the baseball he was playing in the Fall, and is looking forward to playing in the Spring.  He also told me about the art classes and ceramics workshops he’s in, he showed me some of the construction projects he’s been working on (like a huge bridge made out of plastic drinking straws that can hold more than 30 pounds!) and I don’t think that this even scratches the surface of what he’s been up to since camp!His sister Talia is a current 2nd grader, and will be a Lower Junior Girl at camp for her first summer.  Talia has been a Tour & More overnight camper for two summers, and now she’s going to have the experience of being in a bunk and spending a few weeks with us as a true camper!  She and Ben share a mutual love of the Phillies, The “Lord of the Rings” movies, and they definitely love their puppies!  They have two dogs – Oliver, and the newest addition who joined the family only a few weeks ago is Hobie – named after another one of their favorite activities…sailing!  (Hobie gets his name from the “Hobie Cat” boat).  They also just got a very cool pinball machine, so I imagine they’ll be having some sibling contests in the years ahead as they become pinball wizards! Talia also goes by the nickname “T”, and while I was visiting, she gave me a great tour of her room.  She even gave me a demonstration about how she’s going to clean the bunk this summer!  She showed me how she folds her t-shirts – and she did an awesome job making her bed and arranging all the pillows…it looked like a big, comfy hotel bed!  She really likes to read as well, she has a lot of the American Girl books, but her favorites are series of books about puppy breeds.  She also likes to construct things and put them together – she had built a bunk bed for some of her dolls, all by herself!  Talia has a sporty side too – she loves soccer, and was on a development travel team this fall.  She also really likes to ski, and she recently was on the slopes in Utah with another new Lower Junior camper named Avery!  I can’t wait to see both girls up on water-ski’s on Lake Lenape this summer!