Home Visits: Maryland!

I had a wonderful time visiting some of our Canadensis families in Maryland!  It turned into a somewhat progressive meal (where you eat different courses in different places) and everyone was such a gracious host!  The day started with a Counselor-In-Training (CIT) of 2012…Dani Schapiro!  She greeted me at the door wearing a Camp Canadensis Super Seniors shirt, and I got to catch up with her and her family over some appetizers.  Dani is currently in 10th grade…but she showed me an absolutely adorable photo from her first summer at camp when she was in Bunk 2!  She also showed me a vintage Canadensis sports pinnie from her younger days at camp, which is totally back in camp style!  She stays super busy during the winter, and we met right after she got home from a pom practice.  We talked about her excitement for the 5-day Disney trip our CITs take during the summer, and she had some really good suggestions about programs at camp for the upcoming year, including bringing back the Fun Run.  They were the first family who I got to tell about our exciting NEW POOL announcement…and they kept it a secret until we made the big reveal on the Canadensis Today Show a few days later.

Dani also invited over Brenna, one of her best friends from home, and someone I know from another camp I worked at.  It was awesome to catch up with her, and hopefully we’ll get to see her again this summer because our camps started doing joint programming.  I know this next picture I’m going to post might get me in a bit of trouble…but check out this old photo from 2008…she’s wearing such a creative costume!

It was a wonderful first stop on my trip, and I wish Dani a wonderful winter break trip to NY.  I hope that I’ll get to see her soon at the Camp Reunion (Sunday, January 8th) – we say that the CIT’s of the upcoming summer “officially” take the mantel of responsibility for being CIT’s at the reunion.

My next stop in Maryland was with “Jes”, also known as Jessica – a current 3rd grader who will be coming to camp for her first summer in the Junior Division.  She stays remarkably active, and it seems like she does multiple activities each night!  I joined her after basketball practice, and we had a delicious salad & pizza dinner with her family, including little brother Liam (pineapple pizza…yum!).  Although I got to meet Jessica this summer while she toured camp, I learned a whole lot more about her during my visit.  She is a serious ballerina, and is currently performing with the Washington Ballet in the Nutcracker.  What makes this even more amazing is that it takes a lot of dedication and practice, and it’s her third year doing it!  She also goes to Hebrew School, takes Piano Lessons, and the list goes on and on.  She is super excited for the activities at camp, specifically Horseback Riding, Woodshop, Rock Climbing, Glass Fusion,  Soccer and the Lake – doesn’t that sound like a well rounded camper to you?

Jessica took me on a tour of her house, and she had an awesome disco ball hanging above her bed!  Have you ever seen something so cool?  She said that when she gets to decorate her bed at camp, she plans to hang up a poster of Taylor Swift & Eli Manning from the NY Giants.  Everyone in the family is a big Giants fan (which will make our director Brian very excited!)  Her brother even had a NY Giants blanket on his bunk bed…and they definitely have fun with those bunk beds when they have sibling sleepovers.  Jessica is a super sweet girl, who is an excellent and caring friend.  She is also very funny, and will be a great Canadensis camper!

My last stop of the night was with siblings Marshall – a current 3rd grade boy and Haley – a current 4th grade girl.  Both kids will be coming to camp for their third summer!  I got to meet their little “potuchkie” (that’s what Haley calls my dog, Annie) named Truffles.  We enjoyed some hot chocolate, and I got to hear about the many adventures they’ve been up to this year.  They are both dedicated students that tackle their homework right after they get home from school, and at their school they don’t only learn English, but they are also learning Hebrew!  On top of that, both kids are in the Cub Club, which is a cheer and spirit group at school, and I can’t wait for them to teach us some new cheers during color war.  Marshall has also been working on his moves…check out this break dancing photo below…

…and Marshall also recently started an acting career.  He auditioned and landed a role in a commercial for Haribo Candies, and when it comes out we’ll definitely have it posted for the Canadensis world to see.  Haley recently joined the Girl Scouts, and she already has the uniform!  I have no doubt she’ll be filling it with tons of patches soon…she was working on her cookies “sales pitch” while I was over!

It was wonderful to see everyone in Maryland, and share either appetizers, dinner, or dessert with them!  I hope to be back again soon!

P.S…providing food is NOT a requirement for home visits!! 🙂