Home Visits: Westchester NY

I had a fun trip to Westchester last week with one of our directors, Brian! We went to visit Elizabeth (also known as Lizzie to some…) who is a current 3rd grader, and will be a Junior Girl at camp for her first summer.  I got to meet her while she came up and toured camp this summer, and I’ve already gotten to see her two additional times this year…at Canteen on the Fly and now at her home visit!  It turns out that she and I have the same favorite show on HGTV – House Hunters International – and she is in the process of doing a makeover of her room, complete with purple walls!  She has a really big open space in her bedroom, it’s big enough to practice her gymnastics moves, which is one of her favorite sports.  I saw her do two perfect roundoffs, and I know she can do a lot more in the gym!  She’s a very good writer and story teller, so her parents and big brother William should expect some awesome letters home about her camp adventures!  While I was over, we looked through the camp photo album, and I told her about the “Cornman” who comes to Canadensis a few times each summer, and roasts the most delicious fresh corn – Elizabeth and I are planning to visit the cornman together at Open House on June 3rd!  Elizabeth is very sweet, and is a good friend.  She also has tons of talents (she’s even won a hula hooping contest!) and she’s planning to pick up a few more talents before camp…including learning to play Mah Jongg…my favorite game!  There will also be a seat at my Mahj table for her, and I can’t wait for her first summer at camp!

The next stop was with Zoe, a current 2nd grader who will be a Lower Junior Girl at camp this summer.  You will never believe this, but Zoe LOVES broccoli and doesn’t like Justin Bieber!  She is totally a fun and crazy girl, and Brian and I enjoyed getting to spend time with her.  She is a very talented artist – her artwork was spread throughout the house!  She can copy drawings of things she’s seen – like the Minions from Dispicable Me and she also has made many paper dolls with outfits.  She showed me some of the awesome presents she wrapped for the holiday season for her family (I won’t give away the secret hiding place!) and believe it or not, she also had purple walls in her room!   Zoe loves soccer, and she is a great big sister to 3 year old Marley – I know that she’s going to be a great camp friend too.