I Made This Monday: Art is everywhere!

I love this quote!  My two favorite programs areas at camp are the Arts (painting, crafting, ceramics, photography, glass fusion, fabric and woodworking) and Outdoors Programs (camping, biking, hiking, hondas, ropes, kayaking…) anything that gets you outdoors exploring the beautiful setting.  This simply ties the two together in a way that Camp Canadensis does oh so well!

I’ve been doing a few different crafty things lately, and since it’s a Monday, I thought it was time to share!  After a fun night of playing Mah Jongg with friends (the best game ever – see my earlier blog about it here) we decided to dig out the nail polish, but use it in a crafty way!  I had learned this awesome marbled nail technique from a great staff member, Grace O’Neill this summer.  She was teaching our Senior Campers how to do it during an iCan Night, which is a chance for them to pick what they want to learn during an Evening Activity a few times each summer.  Click here for a tutorial if you want to try it at home with parental permission!

Here are our results…each nail comes out so unique, my favorite is the ring finger!

And since it’s getting colder, I’ve also been spending more time crocheting – one of my favorite fall crafts because as you are working on a blanket, it’s also keeping you warm!  We made some cute crochet projects at camp this summer, including these adorable crochet monsters…each had their own personality!  If you want to learn crochet at camp next summer, make sure you sign up for the needle arts elective!

I like working on BIG projects – many of which I’ve posted on the blog at times…like here and here.  This past weekend I was digging through my crochet bin and found this chevron blanket that I haven’t worked on in years!!  I probably started this blanket 7 years ago when I lived in New Orleans, so it’s about the same age as our Bunk 2 campers!! It’s huge, and since chevron print is so popular right now, I thought it was a good time to get back to work on it.It’s mostly blues and grays, but as I continue to work on it, my plan is to just grab whatever color skein (aka ball of yarn) I have on hand so it will use up whatever I’ve had laying around, and hopefully the random pattern looks good at the end!  It’s grown a lot this week because we spent a lot of time in the car this weekend visiting family and friends in NY.  (There is no better way to spend time on a long drive!)  As it gets longer, I’ll post more photos.  It’s super cozy though…take Annie’s word for it!