“I Made This” Monday: Hats!

Believe it or not, the scene behind us is the frozen lake at Camp Canadensis!  This picture was taken last winter, but on a trip up to camp, I started to crochet.  Crocheting is one of my favorite activities of all time, but it’s especially great to do in the car on long trips.  Hats are pretty simple projects, and it only takes me about two hours to make…so a trip up to camp is the perfect length of time!

This hat is considered to be “marbled” because I held a strand of black yarn, and white yarn at the same time, and it creates this cool effect where the colors are mixed together throughout the hat.  At the end, I added a bow applique that I also crocheted, and it’s so simple!  The bow is just a rectangle that you wrap a string around in the middle, and it pulls it into shape!

Once, I even made a quick hat for our director Eric Forti!  He didn’t think I could make a hat from start to finish on a flight between Moscow & Prague, but I proved him wrong!  Granted, it’s not my best work…and it might have been left behind in a Czech Republic trash can somewhere, but at least I have a photo of him modeling it on the streets!

The cutest hat I’ve made in a while is for baby Simone!  My cousin Heather & her husband Vin, just welcomed Simone in December, and they asked  me to be her legal guardian, which is the most amazing honor ever.  They setup an incredible nursery for her which had an elephant theme.  I decided to make her an elephant hat to match her nursery, and it came out pretty cute (I guess it would look like a mouse without the trunk…)  but without a doubt, Simone is adorable, so no matter what hat she’s wearing, it’s going to look pretty cute!

If I get photos of Simone wearing the hat, I will share them here!  I also made some other animal hats over break…my friend has twins, and when I asked the kids what they wanted, they said “Giraffe” and “Nemo” – so I’ll post those photos in a future Monday blog.

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