“I Made This” Monday: Orange Valentines

I hope you had a Happy Valentines day!  Of course, I look at it the same way I look at everyday…a chance to be creative!  Do you have someone in your life who loves a certain color?  Do they wear the color all the time, buy things in that color when they have a choice, and do they want to paint their bedroom that color too??

Well, Dave loves ORANGE…and since he deserves a special meal, I packed him an orange lunch on Valentines Day!  Everything was packed in his bag, so it was a surprise when he opened it!  There was orange juice, goldfish crackers, mac & cheese, carrots, jello, cheese sticks, orange crackers, orange starbursts…and of course an orange!  I wanted to make it extra special, so I added some corny lines to each of the food items, like this…Get it??  I “carrot” about you A LOT…like “I care about you a lot”.  Like I said…really corny.  I used the great new Post-It labels that you can cut into any size to make it stick to the items.

If someone you know loves YELLOW – think about bananas, lemonade, corn, pineapple and egg salad!

If someone you know loves GREEN – think about green apples, string beans, wasabi peas and a spinach salad!

If someone you know loves RED – think about pasta with tomato sauce, cherries, twizzlers, strawberries and red velvet cupcakes!

Get creative!  Good luck if the person in your life loves HOT PINK!

Before I go, check out the amazing photo of Simone wearing the elephant hat I crocheted for her.  Isn’t she the most precious thing you’ve ever seen?

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