“I Made This” Monday: Paper Bracelet

Have you ever seen these cool bracelets and bags made of out candy wrappers or magazine paper? I’ve always wondered how to make them, and I recently got a chance to learn.  It all started when……the postcards that we ordered arrived in the office, but they were too big!  We use them to write thank you notes, and it wouldn’t fit inside the envelope!  We needed to cut off  about a half an inch –  BeckyJ did a great job cutting off 1,000 postcards tops, and then she had all these cool Blue & Gold strips left over.  I told her to trash them, but Eric Forti & JCal intervened and suggested that I do a craft project with them.  I thought it was time to finally learn how to make one of these chains, so I found a great tutorial here.

I cut the long strips in half to make a blue side and a gold side, and then I alternated colors as I went.  It took some time to get the hang of it, but once you have this easy skill down, the process goes quickly!  When I knew the bracelet was long enough, I used a piece to attach it, and voila…You can easily make these after Visiting Day with candy wrappers for your bunkmates – but remember, it’s made out of paper, so you should definitely take it off before jumping in the lake!!

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