“I Made This” Monday

Okay, I know this might sound lame…but this blog post is all about the dog sweater I crocheted for Annie.  Annie loves camp almost as much as I do, and although the kids at camp might paint her nails or use washable hairspray to make her blue & gold for Color War, she really doesn’t dress up much (except for her Halloween costume!).  I don’t expect to use this sweater much – but it was a really good project for me to learn new skills, and now that I’m telling the whole Canadensis community about it, I’m just going to proudly admit that I made a dog sweater.  Anyway, we are in the photo above showing off our crochet creations (I made the scarf I’m wearing).

I’ve never made any clothing before, and the idea of making a shirt for me seemed overwhelming, so I made this instead.  The sweater is orange with beige details and monogram.  This was my first time learning how to make a letter in crochet, and I found this tutorial really helpful.  The collar is ribbed crochet, there is a cable running down each side of the letter, and the stitching around the arms and bottom are slipstitches.

You can see that I started with the collar at the neck, and the sweater grew and grew from there.  I had to keep trying it on her to make sure it fit, and I took a photo each time.  Whenever you are crocheting with multiple colors, you have a lot of loose ends to weave in at the end, which is my least favorite step, so I wait until the project is finished to do them all.

Annie was very cooperative with my crochet experiment, and I think she enjoyed her trip around the block to show it off…

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