I Miss Camp.

Hello Canadensis…

So.  I really missed camp today.  I know that as a director of camp that my life gets to be Canadensis, 24/7, but today was one of those days where I really missed the summer.

I missed the bugle call of reveille and wondering what song was going to be played on the PA right after.  I missed waffles and ice cream for breakfast.  I missed the dance party on the amphitheater right before line-up.  I missed not shooting hoops on the office courts.  I missed not seeing someone go down the zip line for their very first time.  I missed talking about “what are the color war team names going to be” with the campers.  I missed Swedish Fish at canteen.  I missed MTV Night.  I missed talking with the counselors outside of the HQ at sign-out.

It’s days like this when I truly love that we do have the opportunity to do it for seven weeks every summer!  I also think about how awesome Summer 2011 was and really can’t wait to be back up there next year (although it still feels so very far away).  I will actually be heading up to camp this weekend and know that I will be able to “hear the voices” as I like to say even when camp is empty.  I will be sure to get some photos for the next blog of what camp looks like in the off season.

In my “missing camp” mood, I think I might watch one of my all time favorite movies about camp.  I actually found it on cable a few weeks ago and set it to my DVR.  It’s called Indian Summer.  The short plot is…A group of childhood friends, now in their thirties, reunite at the camp they went to as children.  The people share experiences and grow while at the camp. They are dismayed to discover that the camp’s owner, Unca Lou, is going to close the camp down.  It’s really a great movie.  To see a scene from the movie, click here.

If you haven't seen, definitely try to get a copy of Indian Summer. In my opinion, it's one of the best movies about camp.

Things have definitely started to pick up at the winter office now that November is upon us.  We have started to hear back from many of our staff that plan to return for Summer 2012.  We have begun to talk about programming and activity scheduling.  Once again, thanks to all the campers that completed the camper survey.  It was extremely helpful to get your feedback.  And, we’ve been busy making all of our off season plans.  My schedule has started to really fill up for November and December with many camp family home visits.  I am so excited!

I got to see some campers this past weekend as I headed to Wayne, NJ on Sunday morning after getting an invitation from Lauren Schwed to come and surprise her boys, Matthew, Alex and Ben Schwed, who were hosting a camp sleepover.  In attendance was Alex Leon, Brett Podell, Josh Rogers,  Josh Halpern and Seth Brand.  Apparently, the boys stayed up extremely, extremely late, hanging out all night long, playing video games, watching movies, etc.  When I got there in the morning, we played some touch football in the backyard.  It was great to see everyone and hear that everyone is very busy at school and enjoying a wide array of after school activities.  Here is a pic from the weekend…

Got to hang out with some of the 2012 Lower Senior Boys. Me with (Bottom Row, L to R): Alex Schwed, Brett Podell, Josh Halpern, Alex Leon; (Top Row, L to R): Josh Rogers and Matthew Schwed. They had a sleepover this past weekend. Also at the sleepover, but not pictured, was Seth Brand.

In Plymouth Meeting, PA, I got the chance to see 2012 Lower Senior Adam Center play a game for his middle school football team.  After camp, Adam decided that he would try a new sport and went out for the football team.  After conditioning camp, the team placed his at the center position.  Now, could it be anymore perfect?  Adam Center is the center.  Anyway, I got to see the last game of the season the other night.  Adam’s team, the Colonials, have had a pretty good season.  Here are pictures from the game.

Adam Center (#69 on the left) waits with his quarterback on the sidelines, ready to go into the game.

Me and Adam after the game.

Can’t wait for our final Canteen on the Fly Event this Friday (Veteran’s Day) in Long Island.  A two-hour ice cream fest with Canadensis T-Shirts for all campers that attend.  It will be from 2-4 pm at teh Carvel on Old Country Road in Westbury, NY.  For those campers that will be Upper and Super Seniors and CITs in Summer 2012, we hope you will join us at 4 pm as well for a Senior Summit, an opportunity for campers to give their input and hear some of our ideas for next summer.


This blog certainly wouldn’t be complete without some mention of New York Giants Football.  Halfway through the season and the Giants are 6-2!  Woo Hoo!  What a win by Big Blue over the Patriots on Sunday!  Memories of Super Bowl 42 all over again!  I have also noticed that all of our Canadensis Eagles Fans really haven’t been hounding me as much lately.  Wink, Wink.

By the way, one more thing.  Do you know there is a video game about camp called “Summer Camp Showdown”?  Does anyone own this game?  Is it good?  If you never heard of this, check this out and click here.

A video game about camp!

Well, that’s all the blogging for now.  I still miss camp.  But, writing this blog made me feel a little bit better.

Have a great day!