I’m a Sorority Girl

I’m sorry that I didn’t blog this past Wednesday – and I’ll be missing next Wednesday as well because I will be out of town!  I’m heading west to Arizona, where my parents live.  I’ll  be spending some time with them in Phoenix, and then taking a road trip to Sedona and Las Vegas.  I’m very excited be in the sunshine, and go on hikes through the beautiful mountains – but I’ll also have the opportunity to meet a few staff applicants who are applying to work at camp this summer!

I have spent a lot of time in Arizona, not only because my parents have retired there, but also because I went to University of Arizona – I’m a Wildcat!  While I was in school, I was in a sorority called Alpha Epsilon Phi (AEPhi).  For all of our Canadensis Seniors that went on the college tour this past summer, I’m sure you still remember your Greek alphabet, and I hope you still wear the adorable Canadensis  Greek tees we gave out!

I was in AEPhi for all 4 years I was in college, and the sorority became a big family for me on campus!  It reminded me so much of camp – there was always a big group of people around, we ate all of our meals together, there were always fun events going on and there was a lot of room to be creative!  I made some really great friendships, and I learned a lot about myself as a leader.  I think being in a sorority has made me a better camp counselor, and I know that so many of the staff we hire to work at camp that are in sororities and fraternities feel the same.

(This is a picture of my and some of my sorority sisters dressed up at a theme party…I’m dressed up as a camp counselor of course!!  Yep, I’m the blonde in the middle.)