Now that we’re officially on our way to summer 2012, it’s time to introduce this summer’s CITs!!! Every few days I’ll be updating the blog to feature a new 2012 CIT. Keep checking back to read all about this summer’s rockstars!

Brett Feldman

Hobbies when you’re at home: Hangin’ with friends and dreaming about being a CIT someday.

Years at Camp: 4 going on 5.

One fact about you: I regret not coming to camp sooner.

Favorite Camp Activity: NBA, not even close.

Favorite Camp Memory: Winning showcase and rope burn last summer.

Best Advice for a First Time Camper: Get along with your bunk and cherish being at camp because it only lasts for 7 weeks.

One thing you’ve never done at camp that you’re going to do this summer: Be a counselor for part of the day.

If you could plan your own perfect camp day, what would it look like: Sleeping through breakfast then waking up and seeing my bunkmates shining faces, having basketball elective in the morning, then having a taco salad for lunch made by the great Dara Zeltt. After lunch i would like to take a long nap and have NBA in the afternoon. Then having BBQ for dinner and finishing the night with MTV night and canteen.