Introducing the Moyers!

This week I had the chance to meet a great new family that will be coming to camp this summer!  The Moyer Family lives in Reading, PA, and they are related to the Konst Family at camp (Terri runs our Evening Activities and Special Events – Maxim and Lydia are in the Junior Division, and Sam is going to be an Upper Inter this year).

This will be the Moyer’s first camp adventure!  Michael is currently in 8th grade, and he will be an Upper Senior Boy this summer, and he’s already looking forward to the three-day trip to Boston.  During the year he enjoys playing some sports, XBox and doing a lot of Tae Kwon Do.  Henry is currently in 4th grade, which means he’ll be starting as a Lower Inter Boy, and he also loves doing Tae Kwon Do.  Henry is also pumped for all the activities at camp that his cousin Sam told him about, he can’t wait to Zip Line, try out for the Camp Musical and do everything else that camp has to offer.  He loves sports, fishing, and just about everything under the sun!

Carrie will also be coming to camp for the first time this summer, and she will be running the Arts and Crafts Program.  During the year she paints beautiful murals for children’s rooms, and she also refinishes cabinets.  As pictured above, she is sharpening her crafting skills, and is practicing her tye-dying technique for camp!  Husband/father, Michael (not pictured),  will be found fishing on our lake during the weekends, and he has a green thumb, so maybe he’ll help us with out our flower gardens around camp!  Please join me in welcoming all four of them the camp!