Is that a bear I see??

Good Morning Everybody and it’s a great morning because today is the last day that the office is open until the New Year! On Friday, I am headed down to FL to spend some time with Robin and her family. While I am down there, I will be interviewing a nurse for our health center, meeting with new camper Leah Otner and her family, having dinner with Roy, Lisa, Danielle, and Matt Faden, seeing Harold our camp baker and his wife Phyllis, and also meeting with a few prospective families who are interested in Canadensis! So, it’s half vacation, half work but the work part is all fun work! Robin and I also have lots to do in terms of wedding planning, so my guess is we will have a busy week. But, the busy week is in FLORIDA in hopefully sunny, warm weather, so I have no complaints there!

We are really busy in the office planning all of these Canadensis get-togethers. From the Summer 2009 Reunion on Sunday, Jan 10 to the Sixers game on Wednesday, Jan 13 to the Knicks Game on Tuesday, Feb 9, plus our Canadensis Canteens on the Fly (dates to be announced soon!) we truly are everywhere and can’t wait to see all of our camp families at some or all of these events! If you are unsure of what I am talking about, email me for more info on these community events.

Otherwise, Aunt Terri took a trip up to camp to check on a few things and so I wanted to paste the pictures here. Hope you all have a great break from school and enjoy your vacations if you do go away! Please email in pictures as usual of you/your family in Canadensis shirts so that we can post them on the blog and include them in future Canadensis Couriers.


New ceiling in the dining hall!! The wires hanging down are for the brand-new sound system we will be installing!

New bear in the grove. See the little baby bear in the tree.

New bear in the grove. See the little baby bear further down in the tree. There are more surprises in the grove as well!!