It’s Coming!

This will probably be my last blog update before the campers arrive and I cannot wait!!  We are in the middle of Staff Orientation right now, and they are all amazing!!  It’s been great to see them getting excited about the Canadensis traditions, and forming friendships of their own.  “Camp Friends” is one of the best part of camp, so I wanted to post this photo of some of my favorite camp friends!  On the left is the Assistant Lower Girls Camp Head Counselor, Karen “Rainbow” Sharir.   On the right is the Girls Camp Head Counselor, Robin Forti.  Can’t wait to make summer 2011 memories with them!

Another great part of camp is building confidence – and I got a great opportunity to do this recently.  During staff orientation, a popular activity is trust falls…but we don’t just fall from the ground, we stand on the top of our bleachers and trust our co-staff to catch us!!  Last year, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it – it was way too scary.  When I was looking through the photos of the trust fall last year, I was jealous of the people who did it…so I resolved that this was my year!!  Luckily, Lauren “LMac” McGuire (our camp photographer) was nearby to capture it!  I screamed the whole way down, but I had such a rush of energy after doing it…and my confidence really grew from it.