Jaycal- High School Musical in Poland??

Hey All!

What a day today! Today was the march, it was incredible! The amount of people from all over the world that gathered to walk together. I met people from literally every part of the world. I met people from Mexico, Germany, Hungry, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and so many more countries. This was an incredible day. The march took about 3 hours and concluded with a huge Holocaust remembrance Ceremony.

After the Ceremony we boarded the buses for a 5 hour ride to our hotel. The bus ride was a lot of fun because it gave us time to bond even more. We have a kid on our bus that plays guitar so we were singing different songs throughout the ride. I even told my new friends about my performance in 2007 at camp of High School Musical. They can’t believe that I was in HSM. I told them I will send them footage after the trip.

That’s basically it for tonight, its very late…2AM and I have to be up at 7am!

Goodnight from Poland!