Jaycal’s final days in Israel

Shalom Everyone!

Its now Thursday morning here in Israel. I meant to write the other day but I fell asleep in the middle of typing up the email. Its been busy final few days in Israel.

Yesterday we started the day by touring an old prison in Jerusalem. After our tour of the prison we walked over to a huge open square here in Jerusalem where a stage was set up for the beginning of our second march. Last week we marched from Auchwitz to Berkinow, today we marched to the Western Wall. All 7,500 of us together! It was another incredible experience.

After our march we arrived at the Western Wall. This was my last visit to the wall on this trip so I went down the wall and prayed for the last time. We then had time to walk around the Old City and do some more shopping. I met some really nice people from all over the world.

Last night was the mega event for all the marchers. We all gathered on a military base for a huge concert. I was even chosen to go on stage in front of the 8,000 people to represent our region.

This morning we returned a torah to Yad Vashem(a holocaust memorial site) that was rescued a few years ago. It was a highlight of the trip because it was such a powerful moment. More on this later!

We are now traveling to Tel-Avi to get a few more sights in before we board our flight to return back to New York! The past two week have been incredible. I’ve seen so many things, some happy and some sad. What I’ve seen, the stories I heard will forever be with me.