Bring on Summer 2017!


Meet Abby!   She lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and is a current 3rd grader.  She’ll be an Upper Junior Girl this summer! We had a lot of fun hanging out after school, but normally she likes to do gymnastics when she gets home, or play basketball with her older brother.  Abby’s cousins Sophia, Jeremy and Julia go to Canadensis and she can’t wait to join them this summer!  Here’s what you need to know about this creative, adventurous and wild new camper: her favorite food is steak and mac & cheese and she likes the color blue.  She loves dolphins, and her favorite TV show is “Bunk’d” or “Liv and Maddie” and she’s a mix of both Liv & Maddie!  She also likes listening to Ariana Grande and eating Soda Can candies.  She cheers for the Philadelphia Flyers and her favorite book is “Trouble Maker” and she likes the movie “The Jungle Book”.  She showed me some of her gymnastics skills and I was very impressed…it’s her favorite hobby!  She’s looking forward to do a lot of gymnastics this summer, along with climbing wall, dance and art!


Meet Mason!   He lives in Ventnor, New Jersey and is a current 3rd grader.  He’ll be an Upper Junior Boy this summer! We hung out with his whole family (including his little sister who is coming up for Tour & More Weekend this summer!) and I learned a lot about him in each room we visited in his house.  He plays the drums, has a whole room dedicated to sports memorabilia like baseball cards and a cute dog named Snowball.  Here’s what you need to know about this funny, considerate and sporty new camper: his favorite food is lambchops and bbq and he likes the color purple.  His favorite sports team is the Golden State Warriors, and he likes hip hop music.  He makes awesome videos, and watch out…his dance moves will definitely help his bunk win MTV Night! His favorite TV shows are “Impractical Jokers” and “Family Guy” but he’d much rather be running around playing a sport than hanging inside…he loves basketball and baseball!  He broke a finger playing gaga at his day camp last year, so we are hoping he has a fun, injury free summer for his first one at Canadensis!


Meet Ruby!   She sometimes goes by the nickname “Ru” and she lives in New York City.  She is a current 1st grader who will be a Lower Junior Girl this summer!  She has two big brothers, and her oldest brother Zach will be a Counselor In Training at Canadensis in 2017, which is going to make this summer extra special!  We hung out on the weekend right before she went ice skating with her family and I got a tour of her recently renovated very pink and purpley room! Here’s what you need to know about this fun and creative new camper: her favorite food is spinach & ricotta ravioli and she’s a very good singer!  She loves dogs, and her favorite TV show is “Hannah Montana” and she likes listening to Miley Cyrus!  She cheers for the NY Yankees and her favorite hobby is gymnastics.  She also loves s’mores (can’t wait for campfires!) and cotton candy…and the movie “Trolls”!  You’ll be able to catch her this summer in climbing wall and photography electives!


Meet Samantha!   She lives in Tenafly, New Jersey and is a current 3rd grader who often goes by the nickname “Sam” or “Sammy” once you know her.  She’ll be an Upper Junior Girl this summer and good luck keeping up with her…she does every activity under the sun and likes them all!  She even manages to be on a competition dance and gymnastics team at the same time.  She has two little sisters, and she’s excited to be the first one heading off to sleepaway camp.  Here’s what you need to know about this awesome, stylish and perfectly well rounded new camper: her favorite food is peas (really, her grandma makes great peas!) and she likes the colors black & blue.  She loves penguins, and her favorite TV show is “Fairly Odd Parents”. She recently sang the song “Lost Boy” in a talent show, and she cheers for the NY Giants.  Her favorite book is “Twintuition” and she likes the new “Beauty and the Beast” movie.  She showed me some of her gymnastics skills and was heading off to dance right after our home visit!  This summer she’s looking forward to do both of those activities, plus climbing wall, archery, parkour, fishing and glass fusion!


Meet Miriam who almost always goes by “Miri”!   She lives in Pelham, New York and is a current 2nd grader.  She’ll be an Lower Junior Girl this summer! We did our home visit the day after her 8th birthday so I got to hear about her trampoline park party and see some of the balloons and presents!  Miri’s cousins Alex & Carter go to Canadensis and she can’t wait to join them this summer (she had a blast last year doing the Tour & More Weekend).  Here’s what you need to know about this smart and energetic new camper: her favorite hobby is diving, which is a new sport she took up this year after moving from Ohio.  She loves learning new dives, and her gymnastics skills help her improve.  Her favorite food is pasta and she likes the color combo of blue & clear.  She loves the “Harry Potter” books which also happens to be her favorite movies.  Her favorite animal is a leopard and she’s been watching the TV show is “How I Met Your Mother” with her mom!  She likes listening to Z100/pop music and eating Swedish Fish.  Catch this girl in the pool whenever possible this summer, or at the climbing wall, foam pit or possibly in the middle of the lake on a boat!


Meet Dylan!   He lives in Summit, New Jersey and is a current 3rd grader.  He’ll be an Upper Junior Boy this summer! We snacked and talked about camp pretty late into the evening…he was getting so excited about camp I hope he was able to sleep that night!  He’s been learning to play the guitar recently, so it would be awesome to have him in one of our Rock Bands this summer! Here’s what you need to know about this awesome, loud and nice new camper: his favorite food is sushi and he likes the color blue.  His baseball season is just about to start, and he plays for the Tornado’s.  His favorite TV show is “Wheel of Fortune” and he’s recently been listening to the “Hamilton” soundtrack, but he likes a ton of different kinds of music!  When his bunk visits the canteen this summer he’ll be going for a kitkat.  His favorite book is “Harry Potter” and his favorite movies are the “StarWars”.  He can’t wait for his first summer at camp, and fishing, rocketry, quads, lake boats and gaga are among the many electives he wants to try.

Winter Meeting

And finally, I just wanted to share the photo above of some of our Head Staff at the Winter Meeting earlier this month.  It was so great to bring in our leadership team for meetings, and we obviously had a lot of fun!  March is always the camp turning point for me.  It’s when we attend the American Camp Association Tri-State conference, and we gather with a lot of other camp professionals to share ideas plus we see cool new activities that we want to add to camp.  March is when we pick the Color War teams and start designing the shirts (yep, they are already picked for this summer!!).  This is the month when we finalize a lot of our trips, and activity ideas for the summer.  Yesterday, Brian and I met with Lauren Schwed and Amy Spielberger to do the mind-bending task of scheduling all of our bunks for the summer…we already know what activity your bunk is going to be doing on Day 3 Period 5!  This is the month we celebrate double digits day…where the camp countdown goes from 100 to only 99 days (and now it’s only 85!).  Our staff members for 2017 are connecting through our Facebook group, forms are pouring in and we are placing orders for awesome new gear in our camp store!  This list just barely scratches the surface of the awesomeness we have in store for summer 2017!  Bring on April, bring on warmer temperatures, and bring on the BEST SUMMER EVER!!