Let it Snow, Snow, Snow!

Hi All from a snowy Philadelphia! I feel like our winter office has become more like the Poconos, as we have had so much snow around here the past week! Snow, ice, and cold temperatures makes me excited for the upcoming Winter Break, when Robin, myself, and Carli are headed to ARUBA! Will you be in Aruba? Let me know so we can meet up on the beach!!

The last few weeks have been full of travel for me. For Thanksgiving, we took a quick trip to see my in-laws down in Florida. It was a short trip and Carli didn’t do so well on the airplane this time around. She has flown tons of flights before, but it used to be easy. This time the flights were full and she was quite restless! Oh well, at least it was warm down in FL. The following week, Matt Unger, Jcal, Sam, and I went to Las Vegas for a quick vacation with “the boys”. We had a great time and got to see the Criss Angel Cirque Show. It was awesome and he even did a regurgitation act, similar to what our visiting magician, Brad, has done in the past at Canadensis!

Following Vegas, Matt and I went straight to NY, where we met up with Chef David for a food conference. The name says it all- the best one of the year! We got to taste food from 19 different vendors, ranging from cookies to tuna fish (at 9AM!) and everything in between.  We took in many new ideas and even met with the Asian Company that came to camp last year and helped cook dinner the first time we did Asian Night. They have promised to return, and they have reformulated some of their products based on the feedback WE gave them! How cool is there. One new idea we learned about is a Fry Seasoning Station. It may not sound so cool right now, but I bet you will LOVE it this summer! We will be doing this as part of a New Special Night in the Dining Hall for dinner this coming summer!


These are just some of the flavorings they offer!

Chef David is doing well down in FL and enjoying some rest and relaxation before returning to camp for his THIRD season! He was just on a cruise and is headed on another one in January. He sends his best to everyone at Canadensis. He will be back up at camp in late April, to get the kitchen setup and ready to go for Summer 2014!

I know this is now old news by now, but I hope everyone who participated and purchased a Holiday Carewear Box enjoyed the gift! Pam worked really hard at setting up such a great gift, and not only was it great for everyone to receive, but it also helped raise over $2,500 for Canadensis Cares!, which is a scholarship fund to help families at Canadensis. Head on over to Pam’s blog for more info on what was inside this First Annual Mystery Box! And don’t worry if you missed out on it this year, because it will definitely return for Chanukah 2014, with new surprises for all of you.


Hopefully by now everyone has received the 2013 Summer Yearbook DVD in the mail. Special thanks to our incredible media team for an awesome production! It’s nice to be able to relive Summer 2013 by watching a DVD at home, although of course nothing is as good as being up at camp.

Coming Up

Special congratulations to former counselors Jared Sorin (my cousin) and Kayla Chambers (my soon-to-be cousin), as they will be getting married in NYC this coming weekend! Jared and Kayla met at camp during the Summer of 2010 when Kayla worked in cooking and Jared was a LAX instructor. Yet another Canadensis wedding and I am honored to be a Groomsman. Looking forward to a beautiful weekend in NYC and I hear the weather is going to warm up into the 50’s!


Following their wedding, we headed to Aruba for Christmas Week and hope to see some of you there. Please email photos from your vacation to us (info@canadensis.com), Tweet them to us @Canadensis, or post them on our FB wall so that we can see where you are! Don’t forget to pack a Canadensis shirt.

And then in early January, it’s off to Australia/New Zealand. I am going to be in Melbourne, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Auckland, and Christchurch recruiting the best counselors for Summer 2014. If you live there…I hope to be seeing you!

I hope everyone has a great Winter Vacation and make sure to send us your photos!