Let us take care of one of your holiday gifts!

Mystery Box

I’ve been excited about this “Mystery Box” idea for months, and now that it’s been announced, it has been so much fun to hear the positive reactions from Alumni & Parents!  In the same realm of popular gift services like Birch Box, we have put together a number of Canadensis items that would retail at a higher value than $60.  None of these items have ever been available before, and are sure to bring many smiles during the winter! Our Canadensis Carewear collection is usually only available at the camp store, but just like Carewear, all proceeds will go into the Canadensis Cares! fund.

Canadensis Cares! is a scholarship program designed to benefit Canadensis campers whose families are impacted by adverse or unusual circumstances. In some small way, every member of the Canadensis community can help families facing circumstances less fortunate than their own.

I can’t give away too much detail (the mystery is a big part of the fun!).  All items have been selected by the Camp Canadensis Winter Staff to be perfect for campers and alumni of every age.  Each box is gender specific, but are one size fits all! The boxes have 6-8 items, and will come ready to give your child during the holiday season – no wrapping needed and the $60 also covers shipping!  Give your kids this special Canadensis gift, while giving the gift of camp to another child.

To sign up for the mystery box, log in to your online Canadensis account, or call the winter office at 484-674-1941.  Boxes are only available until Wednesday, October 9th at midnight.  After that, we will be placing orders, and cannot accommodate any additional requests.