Live from….Jury Duty???

This is the first LIVE blog post! I am sitting right now in a jury duty waiting room in Philadelphia. A few weeks ago, I received a summons to appear at Jury Duty for the city of Philadelphia. Of course I wasn’t excited to get this, as I had been here only 2 years ago. Luckily at that time, I didn’t get placed on a trial, and I am hoping the same will happen again! This morning, I arrived at 8:15am and within 30 minutes was selected to be interviewed as a juror. The whole process is interesting, as you have to complete a questionnaire, basically finding out if you can be impartial, fair, etc. Once the judge reviews the questionnaires, he/she interviews potential jurors and asks questions about your job, etc.

They took 60 of us up to a courtroom and we sat waiting for the judge to begin her questions. Luckily, the case was settled just as we were in the interview process, so we were told to sit tight and we would find out if we would be sent home for the day or would have to go back to the waiting room. Unfortunately for us, we had to go back to the waiting room.

After a few more hours of literally sitting and doing nothing, they sent us out for an hour and a half lunch. I went home and brought back my laptop so that I can blog with all of you (sad, I know!) Last time I was here, cell phones/laptops weren’t permitted in the waiting room, however now they are! So, I am “borrowing” some neighbors wireless internet and writing to all of you about my misery sitting in this room all day.

Back to fun camp stuff! Yesterday, Matt, Aunt Terri, and I went up to camp for a few hours. We had a meeting scheduled with a nearby University to discuss them coming to Canadensis in September. From the moment she arrived, she was in awe of Canadensis. And this is the off season, so while it looks beautiful like it always does, it’s not as amazing to see when nobody is there, the grass is long, the pools are empty, etc. The lady had visited 6 other camps, many in our area, and still said that we were the most beautiful of them all…and I am not making this up! It goes to show, Canadensis is awesome!

Afterwards, Matt and I filmed a brief Today Show which will be posted shortly. It shows some of the new paving around camp, highlights the main office/grove renovations, and also gives you a sneak peek into the dining hall improvements that we are in the process of doing. So, I will let you all know when it gets posted, but you definitely won’t want to miss it.

Aunt Terri and I then drove to Scarsdale, NY and met with new camper Jordana Kaller. Jordana is so excited to be joining the Canadensis Family and lives on the same block as Sydney Goldman! It was great to meet Jordana and her family and see how excited she really is to be starting at camp. To quote Jordana, “I wish camp was starting tomorrow!” My thoughts exactly…

After a long day of driving literally around the tri-state area in a big loop, I got home around 11PM exhausted, but excited to have gone to camp and seen the excitement in the eyes of some of our campers. I hope everyone is doing well and not as bored as I am in Jury Duty!