Look who’s coming to camp!




It’s been a wonderful fall so far here at Camp Canadensis world headquarters!  Recently we went on a winter staff retreat to bond and brainstorm how to make summer 2016 the best one yet – and we’ve got some amazing plans in the works!  We’ve interviewing a large amount of returning staff members (yesss….we love our returning staff!!) and also been hitting college campuses to find great new counselors to join our summer team.

One of the hallmarks of the Camp Canadensis experience is that we meet all of our new campers before their first summer.  These “home visits” can be arranged anytime from October-May, and it’s not just a chance for our full time staff to get to hang with some awesome campers…it’s how we help kids feel comfortable making the transition to sleepaway camp, allowing them to feel comfortable with an adult who will be available to them all summer.  We also get to know their personality and that helps us each June when we create bunks of campers that will become “BEST CAMP FRIENDS FOREVER!”.   We’ve also been busy meeting some of our new campers ready to join the action at Camp Canadensis when summer 2016 kicks off on June 25th…and here’s a few for you to meet!




Ryan is a new camper heading to us from the Upper East Side of NYC!  He’s going to be a new Lower Inter Boy this summer, and here’s what you should know about this awesome new camper:

Name: Ryan Agulnick

Nick Name: Rye

Grade in School: 4th

Three Words That Describe Me: Fun, Athletic, Kind

After School, I like To…Go to the park and play football, tag (virus) and soccer. At home I like to play iPad

Some of my Favorites…   

Food: Chicken fingers and pizza

Color: Green

Animal: Zebra

TV Show: Sunday football, Survivor, and Amazing Race

Sport Team: Seattle Seahawks and Washington Wizards

Music: Pop

Hobby: Collect football cards

Candy: Skittles

Book: The Worst Class Trip Ever

Movie: Home Alone


Oliver is a new camper from Greenwich Village, NYC.  He will be a Lower Junior Boy, and even though this will be his first summer at camp he comes from a long line of Canadensis Alumni!  His mother attended Camp Canadensis, and his grandparents actually met at Camp Canadensis too!!  Here’s what you need to know about this fun new camper:

Name: Oliver Hougland

Nick Name: Oliver

Grade in School: 2nd Grade

Three Words that Describe Me: Sporty, Funny, Friendly

My Top Elective Choices Will be: Archery, Honda Bikes, Wrestling, Baseball, Soccer, Swimming, Boating, Tennis, Volleyball, Gaga Ball

Some Of My Favorites…

Food- sushi

Color- Green

Animal- Crocodile

TV Show- Lab Rats

Sports Team- Bengals

Music- Hits One

Hobby- Flag football

Candy- Snickers

Book- States & Capitals

Movie- Guardians of the Galaxy


Carli and I got to spend an evening in Blue Bell, PA getting to meet Lexi!  She’s going to be starting camp this year in the Upper Inter Girls Division.  Here’s what you should know about this sweet new camper:

Name: Lexi Cannan

Nick Name: Lex

Grade in School: 5th Grade

Three Words That Describe Me: Artistic, Athletic, Funny

After School, I like To…Dance, Soccer, Lacrosse, Homework, and Read Books

These Are My Top Camp Canadensis Electives: Lacrosse, Soccer, Dance, Painting, Ceramics, and Canadensis Today Show

Some of my Favorites…

Food: Bagel and Lox

Color: Pink and Purple

Animal: Kitten

TV Show: The Goldbergs

Sport Team: Soccer and Lacrosse

Music: Taylor Swift

Hobby: Dance and Soccer

Candy: M&M’s and Twix

Book: Dork Diaries

Movie: Blended


Over in Bryn Mawr, PA, I got to spend a night getting to know Jack!  He’s been at camp a bunch of times to visit his older siblings Carly & Billy, and this year he spent the night sleeping over at Canadensis during our Tour & More Weekend!  He’ll be a Lower Junior Boy this summer, and here’s what you need to know about this excited new camper:

Name: Jack Koutcher

Grade in School: 2nd

Three Words That Describe Me: Fun, Silly, and … (two’s enough)

After School, I like To…Build legos

These Are My Top Camp Canadensis Electives: Hockey, Ga Ga, Glass Fusion

Some of my Favorites…   

Food: Mac

Color: Blue

Animal: Monkey

TV Show: LBX

Sport Team: Hockey

Music: X’s and O’s

Hobby: Legos

Candy: Nerds

Book: Scooby

Movie: Star Wars


Jack’s older sister Carly will be spending her 8th summer at camp, and she’s going to be a CIT this summer!! She sees her camp friends all year long, but cannot wait for summer 2016!


Check out the amazing Canadensis themed pumpkins that Jack worked on with his father for the Camp Canadensis Pumpkin Decorating Contest this year. They were so cool!!


Another new camper who loved Tour & More Weekend so much that he decided to spend the entire summer with us this year is Daniel!  He lives in Horsham, PA and will be an Upper Junior Boy this summer.  Here’s what you need to know about this sporty new camper:

Name: Daniel Gass

Nick Name: Dan, Danny, Twinkle Toes

Grade in School: 3rd Grade

Three Words That Describe Me: Athletic, Fast, Kind

After School, I like To…Go outside and play with friends

These Are My Top Camp Canadensis Electives: Football, Ga Ga, and Woodworking

Some of my Favorites…

Food: Corn

Color: Blue

Animal: Lion

TV Show: Lab Rats

Sport Team: Seattle Seahawks (then Jets)

Music: Blake Shelton

Hobby: Reading

Candy: Lollipops and Swedish Fish

Book: Percy Jackson and Lightning Bolt

Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy


After a day of meeting some awesome counselor applicants at West Chester University, Carli and I headed over to hang with Adam.  He lives in West Chester, PA and has an older brother Michael who started camp last year (not to mention cousins Lauren & Justin who have been at camp for many summers!).  He will be a Lower Inter Boy this year, and here’s what you need to know about this multi-talented new camper:

Name: Adam Schaeffer

Nick Name: Shaeff and Shaeffer

Grade in School: 4th

Three Words That Describe Me: Awesome, happy, and nice

After School, I like To…Play soccer and run

These Are My Top Camp Canadensis Electives: Glass Fusion, art and parkour

Some of my Favorites…

Food: Chocolate cake

Color: Red

Animal: Cow, Dog

TV Show: Drake and Tosh

Sport Team: Soccer

Music: AC-DC

Candy: Whatever!

Book: The Lemonade Crime