Look Who’s Coming to Canadensis!


Meet Lulu!  She lives in Bryn Mawr, PA and is a current 3rd grader who will be a new Upper Junior Girl at camp this summer.  She sometimes goes by the nickname “Lu”. We had a lot of fun hanging out the day before she got braces, so her smile is probably looking a little different right now!  I had a great time touring around her house and seeing her room and playroom (which has a cool spiral staircase leading up there!)  She’s going to be celebrating her birthday at camp a few days after Visiting Day, and we talked all about the fun she’s going to have on that special day! Here’s what you need to know about this creative, colorful and happy new camper: After school she likes to hang with her sister and dog Rocky, and do handstands.  She loves gymnastics, and will be signing up to spend elective periods there, as well as ceramics, dance, art shack and the pool for swim team.  Her favorite food is ice cream (pizza is the runner up) and she loves the color pink.  Her favorite animal is a puppy and her favorite TV show is “The Amazing Race”.  She loves Taylor Swift (she has her poster up on her wall!) and her favorite movie is “Sing”.  Her favorite hobby is gymnastics, and she likes reading the “My Weird School” book series.  She roots for the Eagles (even though her dad is from NY!) and her favorite candy is MilkDuds.  When Lulu was telling me all about herself, her parents were able to guess all of her favorites, they really know her and they know she’s ready for an awesome summer at Canadensis!


Meet Dani!  She lives in Plymouth Meeting, PA and is a current 2nd grader who will be a new Lower Junior Girl at camp this summer. She very often goes by the nickname “Dgrace”.  She attended the Tour & More Weekend last summer, so she knows a lot about camp and is totally ready for more summer fun!  She’s a younger sister (her big brother goes to camp, see below) and their family recently adopted a new puppy named Roxy, who doesn’t look at all like a puppy!  Here’s what you need to know about this nice and helpful new camper who is full of love: After school she likes to do her homework…seriously!  Her dad confirmed that she really enjoys doing it, and if she’s done with time to spare she’ll watch some TV.  Her favorite TV shows are “Jessie” and “Bunk’d”.  She’s got a lot of her artwork and crafts on display in her house, and she’s excited to do art electives (including glass fusion, and woodworking) and also play some sports.  She is playing basketball this season, and she’s on the Pink Panthers.  Her favorite animal is a dog or a panda, and she loves pasta.  She thinks pasta is “The Best Thing In The World!!”.  Her favorite colors are purple and orange, she loves Ariana Grande and Justin Timberlake, and she also loves chocolate…any kind of chocolate you’ve got, she’ll take!  She enjoys building legos, and I saw a recent one she built of “Moana”, which is one of her favorite movies.  She also really likes the movie “Sing”.  Overall, Dani loves to help others whenever she can, which means she’ll be an excellent bunkmate!!


Her big brother Aidan is a current 7th grader who will be a Lower Senior Boy, moving over to Senior Boys Side this summer.  He’s spending his 3rd summer at Camp Canadensis and he’s been having a busy year!  We got to hang out for a little bit before he went to Mitzvah Academy, and we talked about how we hope the weather cooperates better with us this year so we can get in more night time baseball games!  He’s getting ready for his Bar Mitzvah and he’s got a lot of camp friends he’ll be seeing all year at different celebrations!  He can’t wait to be back at camp!


Meet Lila!  She lives in River Vale, NJ and is a current 3rd grader who will be a new Upper Junior Girl at camp this summer.  She sometimes goes by the nickname “Li”. We hung out after she got home from her sign language class (they are performing to a song in the school concert!) and she also had Brownies, she’s a busy lady!  Even though I got to know her on her tour this summer, and she came back for more fun at the Tour & More Playday, I still learned so much more about her…and she introduced me to her favorite things, including the “Geronimo Stilton” books and Musical.ly.   Here’s what you need to know about this kind, and artistic new camper who loves to dance: After school she likes to watch TV, and she always hopes for no homework!  She goes to dance twice a week and takes a bunch of different styles, and will be signing up to spend elective periods there, as well as considering lots of other options.  She’s a girl who likes detail, so we got serious about looking at the schedule and she totally understood our crazy system of how Day 1 = Monday, and Thursdays are it’s own Special Day…maybe in the future she’ll work in Programming at camp!  Her favorite foods are cupcakes, sushi and ice cream.  She loves the color blue, puppies and the TV show “Good Luck Charlie”.  Her mom is from the Boston area so she cheers for the Red Sox and Patriots, and her dad went to Michigan so she’s a fan on theirs too!  She likes Taylor Swift music and loves gymnastics.  Her favorite candy is Twix (we both agree frozen Twix is the best thing in the canteen!) and she had a great favorite movie, she loves “E.T.” – classic!


Lila’s younger sister Brynn was part of the home visit too!  She’s only 5 and in Pre-K now, but she had awesome questions about camp and in a few years she’ll be packing her bag to try out Canadensis for a Tour & More program!


While in River Vale, I got to stop by and hang out with siblings Alex & Gabby and enjoy some banana bread while we caught up.  Alex will be back for his 4th summer and is excited to move up to Freshman Hill with the current 6th grade boys.  There are so many changes in store for him this summer, it’s a huge year!  He’s going to have to take a little time out from the Freshman Hill excitement this summer to practice for his upcoming Bar Mitzvah because he’s getting ready for it in October!  Currently, he’s keeping busy with sports, including Lacrosse and Tennis.  He also has started his own business creating apps, he’s made them for his school and other organizations, and he offered to make one for Camp Canadensis.  The app he created for camp has been downloaded over 160 times and hopefully after this blog post a few more times!

Gabby had a great first summer at camp last year, and she’s looking forward to returning to camp as a Lower Inter Girl.  She’s enjoying 4th grade, and while she’s taking tennis lessons currently, she’s really looking forward to warmer temps when softball season begins!  Softball is definitely her favorite sport, she stayed in the softball elective all summer last year, and she hopes we’ll have an intercamp game for girls her age this summer.  We traded lots of stories about camp (and memories about the overnight!), discussed the camp show and which bunk the family will go to first on visiting day this summer.  Can’t wait to see them when camp starts in 162 days!


You can download the app Alex made for free from the iTunes Store here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/camp-canadensis-sticker-pack/id1188135930?mt=8   

Once it’s installed, here’s an easy tutorial about how to use them! https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT206906

lilyMeet Lily!  She lives in Scarsdale, NY and is a current 2nd grader who will be a new Lower Junior Girl at camp this summer.  She often goes by the nickname “Lil” and oh my goodness is she excited for camp!!  She was already 110% ready for camp by the time our home visit started, and when we were done she was at the highest number possible 🙂 . She’s got an older sister (see below), and a dog named Rosie. This weekend her family is heading up to the Poconos to go skiing at Camelback, it’s close to camp so they might make a side trip to Callies Candy Kitchen!  We spent the night looking through camp photos, talking about the best activities and making the tough decision about which perfectly mushy pillow to pack for camp!  Here’s what you need to know about this big hearted, crazy and friendly new camper: After school she loves to do gymnastics, she’s the cartwheel queen!  This summer you’ll definitely see her doing gymnastics electives, along with mountain biking and some of the options up in art!  Her favorite food is ice cream (in addition to sushi, and junk food) and her favorite color is specifically shiny pink!  Her favorite animal is a puppy, and she likes watching the TV show “My Babysitter is a Vampire”!  She loves the movie “Trolls” and likes the song “Can’t Stop The Feeling” from the movie.  In the canteen she’ll choose anything gummy, and we picked out which three books she’ll be bringing to camp…two are “Dork Diaries” and the other is her favorite book “The Descendants”.


A lot of Lily’s spirit and knowledge about camp comes from big sister Izzy!  The girls greeted me in Canadensis gear they had gotten as Hanukkah presents!  Izzy is currently in 4th grade and will be heading to camp for her 3rd summer, this year she’ll be a Lower Inter.  Being a Lower Inter means some elective choices open up for you, including Video & Media (which gets to make segments for the Canadensis Today Show), Ceramics Wheel and Quads!  Her bunk won Honor Bunk (the clean-up competition) 4 out of 6 weeks this year, which means they earned the pizza party, but didn’t make it all the way to the Callie’s Candy Kitchen, so she hopes they can stop there this weekend!  She’s been in the camp drama productions, and through rehearsals she’s gotten to know a lot of the older and younger campers, she’s made so many friends at Canadensis.  Some of the camp friends in her bunk have younger sisters in 2nd grade that are also starting this summer, so it’s fun to think about the new friendships that are about to start!