Mah Jongg!!!

Have you heard of Mah Jongg?  It’s quite literally the best game ever invented, and although the game gets a bad rap for being the “Grandma Game”, I play weekly with a group of 20-something women, and I’ve taught boys and girls of all ages.  My favorite place to play Mah Jongg is at Camp Canadensis because you need 4 people to play, and it’s never hard to get a group together at camp.  This past summer, I taught some campers and staff how to play, and I expect it will become an even more popular activity in 2011.   The Super Senior Girls were my all-star Mah Jongg students in 2010, and I hope there will be room for a “mahj” table in their CIT bunk this summer!  The standouts from the staff include Cara Corradetti, Ricky Hohn, BeckyJ and Jason “JCal” Calabretta – who had Mah Jongg dreams the night after I taught him how to play!

“Mahj” is a game that combines decision making, strategy and luck – once you learn how to play it’s a skill you have for life, and it’s a great activity to keep you connected with new and old friends.  If you receive the Jewish Exponent newspaper in the Philadelphia area, look out for an article which quotes me and should be running in this weeks edition!  If you live elsewhere, you can check out the article online – and look for the special Camp Canadensis shout out at the end!

Below is a picture of me and the group of ladies I play with.  I’m also an instructor during the year, so if you are a parent who wants to learn the game, get in touch with me ( and if you are a camper who wants to learn, make sure to come to a Mahj class during free play!