“Make It Monday”: Flower Arrangements!

My parents came to visit me in Philly this weekend, and it was so much fun!  We went to tour some of the historical sights…like the Constitution Center (which had an amazing Bruce Springsteen exhibit!), Independence Hall (where the Constitution was signed) and the Italian Market (a fresh air market, and my favorite place to stock up on veggies).  We also spent some time at the Philadelphia Flower Show, which was amazing!  The theme was Hawaii, and the florists created amazing displays with waterfalls, volcanoes, etc.   We were there on the last day of the 9 day show…so all the vendors were trying to get rid of their stock of flowers.  In the few hours we were there, we saw the price of a dozen roses go from $10 each, to 3 dozen for $10!!

So, of course I bought three dozen roses, and when I got home, I tried to get creative with my flower arrangements…I don’t know a ton about flowers – but plants in general has become a recent hobby for me.  I do know that you are suppose to cut the stems of your freshly bought flowers on a slant, under water.  In the photo above, I’m adding baby’s breath – a filler flower – to round out my arrangement of white roses.This is how it turned out…probably my favorite overall!  I had some clementines that weren’t tasting very good anymore, so I put them in the bottom of the glass vase, and I think it brought some fun color to the arrangement.I spread the three different bouquets around my house, and they make me smile every time I walk by.

I’ve been planting a bunch in my tiny city yard as well, when things start to bloom this Spring, I’ll post photos here.  I can’t believe it’s almost spring…that means camp is around the corner, only 103 days to go!