March Home Visits!

BGoldsteinI’m loving these warmer temperatures in March – it feels like summer is coming quickly!  I been able to visit some fantastic new campers lately…let me introduce you!  Above are twins Dylan (left) and Ilan (right).  The boys are current 3rd graders and will be Upper Juniors Boys this summer, and they live in Horsham, PA.  When I got there, they were already pretty excited for camp…but by the end of the visit they were ready to throw on their new Color War shirts and hop on the bus!!

Dylan goes by the nickname “G Man” and describes himself as athletic, fast and strong.  After school he likes to play basketball, and at camp this summer he can’t wait to get out on the lake!  A few of his favorite things include steak, sharks, SpongeBob, and the color orange.  His favorite sports team is the Oklahoma Thunder, his favorite candy is taffy and he likes the movie “Lab Rats”.  Dylan likes to read (he was reading when I got there) and his favorite book is “Mighty Robot”.  While he really, really likes basketball…he’s also considering being in our camp show because he’s got some dramatic talent too!

Ilan won an epic “rock paper scissors” battle, and got to pick his Color War shirt first – if you want to, you can call him “Albert Einstein”.  He describes himself as smart, strong and fast.  After school, he likes to do his homework and he also likes to play sports.  His favorite TV show is “SpongeBob”, and he likes to cheer for the San Francisco 49ers and the Golden State Warriors (someone get this kid a plane ticket to California!).  He loves candy and couldn’t even decide which is his favorite, he likes the movie “Lab Rats” and the book “Treasure Hunters”.  He also likes steak, sharks and the color combo red & black.


In Northern, NJ I met up with Lila and her mom for a girls night where we talked camp!  (Her big brother Jack will be a Freshman at camp this summer, but he was away at a wrestling tournament with his dad).  Lila is a current 3rd grader and will be an Upper Junior Girl at camp this summer.  She remembers so much of the fun from the Tour & More Weekend last year, and it’s just going to get better when she gets to spend the whole summer at camp!  After school she likes to do homework, play with friends, and play “school” – she loves being the teacher.  At camp she plans to use her electives to get more art, dance and softball activities.   Here’s what you need to know about this silly, fun and kind new camper: her favorite food is pasta, her favorite candy is gummy bears, she loves pigs and the color blue.  Her favorite TV show is “Survivor”, her favorite book is “Dear Mr. Henshaw” and her favorite movie is “Goonies”!  She dances several times a week, and softball season is about to start!   It’s going to be a great summer ahead!


In Narberth, PA I got to spend a night with Tess, her younger sister and her parents (including her dad who is a Camp Canadensis Alumni!).  Tess is currently in 2nd grade, and will be a Lower Junior Girl at camp this summer – and around her house she goes by the name “Tessiebear” – too cute!  After school she loves to play outside or watch TV.  There are so many activities she’s looking forward to at camp this summer, but some things at the top of the list include dance, glass fusion, t-shirt art and sailing!  Here’s what you need to know about this awesome, cool and fun new camper: Her favorite color is purple, she loves pandas and hot dogs (the food, not the animal!).  Her favorite sports team is the Montreal Canadiens, and she has relatives in Canada she was about to visit during Spring Break.  Her favorite song at the moment is “All About That Bass” and she loves to snack on milk duds.  Her most favorite hobby is reading, and her favorite books are the “Heidi Heckelback” books.  She also likes the movie “Aristocrats” and the TV Show “Game Shakers”…I should check out that show before camp because I love games!


In Bryn Mawr, PA I “hung” out with Maddy!  She’s a current 2nd grader and will be coming to Canadensis for her first summer as a Lower Junior Girl.  She’s totally sweet  and also a great athlete – especially when it comes to gymnastics.  In the photo above we are swinging from the bar she has setup in her basement, and she knows some great tricks.  Her favorite hobbies are soccer and gymnastics, and she’s looking forward to improving her skills at camp.  Here’s what you need to know about this fun, sporty and active new camper: Her favorite food is strawberries (which we often have at breakfast!), her favorite color is blue and she loves bunnies.  When she’s in control of the remote, she likes to tune into the Food Network, and when she’s controlling the music in the bunk you’ll be rocking out to Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.  Her favorite sports team is the Philadelphia Flyers, her favorite book is “Junie B. Jones” and her favorite movie is “Annie”.

BMaddy 2

Maddy is a middle sister, and her big sis Jordan is a current 4th grader who will be spending her 3rd summer at camp as a Lower Inter Girl.  “Jordy” has been having a great year and staying busy with lots of different activities – whether it’s acting, sports or anything else that sounds like fun!  Can’t wait to have both of them at camp this summer.


In Westfield, NJ I hung out with Lilah right before a holiday weekend.  She is a current 2nd grader, and will be a Lower Junior Girl at camp this summer.  She already knows a ton about camp, she can easily be confused for a camper who’s been at camp for a while but she’s actually going to be one of our youngest kids at camp this summer!  She loves to dance (she takes four different types of dance classes and has a big recital coming up!) and softball season is about to get started.  At camp this summer, she’ll be spending her elective periods in cheerleading, dance and art…but I have a feeling she’ll be changing it up every week so she can try a lot of different things!  Here’s what you need to know about this confident, honest and kind new camper: her favorite food is ice cream cake, her favorite color is blue, she loves dogs and watching the TV show “SpongeBob”.  Her favorite sports team is the Maryland Terrapins (oh well, maybe next March Madness!) and she loves Taylor Swift.  She loves to read and has a ton of books, her favorite is the “My Weird School” series, and the movie she likes the most is “Monsters Inc.”BLilah 2

Lilah’s big brother Jacob is a current 4th grader, and will be at camp for his 2nd summer at a Lower Inter.  He’s an excellent big brother, and he knows Lilah very, very well…he actually guessed most of her favorite things (he even specifically guess that ice cream cake was her favorite food!).  Jacob had a great first summer, and he’s filling his sister in on all the important details of camp…he really paid attention in year one, I couldn’t believe how many names, activities, and camp details he recalled.  Can’t wait to have both of them at camp!