Meet the Newest Member of the Canadensis Today Team!

Guest Blog by Rafael Rodrigues

So I have been reading Eric’s tweets from across the globe and I am pretty envious. I am excited for the collaboration to begin between Eric,  JCal and I. I will be assisting in the production of the today show.

In my spare time I love to rock climb, play soccer, and challenge opponents in table tennis/ ping pong. I have a younger brother who is 17 years old. As far as my skills I have been interning at an video production studio in Providence, RI. This semester I am taking two fine art classes ceramics and old fashion photography. Yeah I am mastering the development and processing of film in the dark room. Film makes digital photography seem like a breeze. Ceramics is a fun course to as I have been making some pinch bowls, coffee cups, and vases.

Outside of school I ran a half marathon last May. I love crepes and sweets. I can make some delicious smoothies, shakes, and banana splits as I have made thousands of them at Ben & Jerry’s.

I am excited to meet all these new faces at camp from the campers to the staff. I can’t wait to engage in games, stories, and sports with your son or daughter this summer.

See you in June,

Rafael Rodrigues