Meet the Picker Brothers!


Earlier this week, I went to Gladwyne, PA and got to meet this new family joining us at camp this summer!  It was yet another school snow day, but upon walking in, I got to meet their dog Cactus, and we immediately started talking about how much we love the warmth in Arizona!  Their dad went to Arizona State University, and the family loves taking yearly vacations there.  These guys are really active, so their favorite thing to do is go hiking on Camelback Mountain and play on the water slides at the hotel pool.  They have spent the last few summers at day camp, and both of them really enjoyed archery and fishing in the lake, but you couldn’t swim in that lake…so they can’t wait to spend their summer on the water trampoline in Lake Lenape!  They were so excited to ask questions about camp, and loved the new camp shirts I brought them…they both put them on right away!  Here’s what you need to know about them:

Hayden is a current 2nd grader, and will be a Lower Junior Boy at camp this summer.  He’ll be turning 8 at camp, so I told him about the bonus 4th phone call home he’ll get to make, and the way camp will sing to him at Morning Line Up! He likes a lot of different activities…too many to list!  He will probably choose basketball, tennis, photography and glass fusion for his electives.  At day camp he liked the pioneering activity, so I think he’ll love our ropes course, climbing wall and zip line!

His favorite color is red, so hopefully he’ll be on the Red Team for revolutionary war day on the 4th of July!  He loves taking photos, and he showed me a penguin he had made in ceramics at school, it was cute!  He’s about to start baseball season, and even though it’s not his favorite sport, he likes being part of a team.  For Halloween this fall, he dressed up in a black skin suit, and was “invisible” – he plans to pack the suit for camp, and I bet he’ll find a lot of different ways to wear it!  He had some great questions, and one of the things we talked about were movies at camp.  The whole camp gets to watch several “Drive In Movies” each summer…the campers vote on what they want, and then we bring our sleeping bags to a field or to the rec hall and watch a movie with all our friends.  Hayden hope we’ll show the Lego Movie this year!

Evan is a current 3rd grader, and will be an Upper Junior Boy at camp this summer.  The first thing you should know about him is that he loves basketball!! Remember, I came to visit on a chilly snow day, and right before that he was outside playing basketball with friends!   Although basketball is far and away his favorite sport, he also plays baseball and takes boxing lessons.  He showed me how he can work the speed bag in his basement and I was so impressed, it’s very hard to do!  He has been boxing since he was 6 years old, and for Halloween he dressed up as boxer.  You can see video of him sparring if you search on YouTube!

He’s also a very talented artist, he showed me a sketch he made of the cartoon “Stitch”, and it was really good!  Evan had prepared a lot of questions for me about the timing of the camp day, the hike to the waterfall, and the kind of food we serve in camp.  His favorite restaurant is Chima Brazilian Steakhouse – he’s a meat eater and will love when steak is on the camp menu!  He knows his basketball trivia (Hayden too!), and he has a big binder of basketball trading cards that he might bring to camp.  When it comes time to pick his electives, it’s a 3-way tie between basketball, basketball and more basketball!  He also thinks he’ll enjoy tennis and wrestling electives, so he can’t go wrong!  He’s got a great attitude, and can’t wait to participate in everything at camp this summer!

Right before I left, the boys both told me that they hope to be on the Gold Team for color war!  As a former Gold Team captain, nothing could make me happier…but then, Evan offered me a reese’s peanut butter bar they had made from scratch, and it was excellent!  I know they’ll love the cooking program at camp, and so much more!  Can’t wait to have these brothers at Camp Canadensis!