Meet the Staff: JESSIE THICK

Karissa and Jessie celebrate Halloween at Camp!

Jessie Thick
Western Michigan University- Nursing Major
I grew up in Lapeer, Michigan and this will be my second year at Canadensis.
My favorite Camp memory: The giant water fight with lower camp after the parents leave on visiting day. Also tied with interpretive dancing to Enrique with Alex Feigin for the talent show
My Advice to first year staff: Just have fun and be yourself, don’t get all caught up in drama or you’ll miss some of the best parts of camp, which is just being friends with everyone!
My goal this summer: To go on the Summit– I didn’t get to last summer and its rough stuff.
Advice for a first year camper: Just be nice to everyone and have fun! Be yourself and don’t worry about fitting in, everyone will love you. Its way easier to be friends than spend the summer fighting.