Meet the Stoloffs!


Most of the Stoloff family is coming to Canadensis this summer!!  Big brother Quentin started at Canadensis a few years ago, but twin sisters Jessie & Jilly are coming for the first time this year…and so is mom!  Vanessa will be our camp doctor for the week after Visiting Day (she’s a former jacks champion, and can’t wait to go kayaking!), and they are all very excited for the summer to arrive!
Jillian and Jessica are currently in 2nd grade, and will be Lower Junior Girls at camp this summer!  They both did the Tour & More Weekend last summer, and they are super active!  After school they play in a basketball league, they take dance classes and play soccer!  They are lucky to have family members who live at the beach, so both girls already know how to water ski – which is super impressive! They also like snow skiing, archery (they are part of an Indian Princesses group, and have good enough aim to win a dollar bill put up on the target!) and will probably be signing up for horseback riding lessons.
They share a room with two big beds, and showed me how easy it is to jump from one to the other!  We played with their “Beanie Boo” collection (cute stuffed animals they introduced me to) and we talked about how much they love dogs…they’ve offered to help paint Annie the Dog’s nails this summer!  They have a pet fish named Bubbles who swims on their wall, and they’ve got tons of arts and crafts supplies stashed away in their basement when they want to get creative! It’s very easy to tell these twins apart, and a good trick to help you remember is that Jessie has curly hair and a double “S” in her name…and Jilly has straight hair and a double “L” in her name!  Here’s more differences:


  • Jessie started writing a story the day before my visit, and already had a bunch of pages!  She will be really good at writing letters home!
  • Her favorite color is purple.
  • She loves going on rides, including Tower of Terror!
  • She’s good at hiding in small places – she showed me how she can fit in a small storage chair in her basement.
  • She is the older twin, by 13 minutes.
  • She tried to get me to tell her what the Color War teams names are for the upcoming summer!
  • She’s been reading Judy Blume books lately.
  • Jilly is always called “Bean” by her sister.
  • Her favorite number is 8, and her favorite color is pink.
  • She’s a really great swimmer.
  • She’s also a very good singer!
  • Even though she’s the younger sister, she’s taller!
  • Asked me lots of great questions, and wanted to know what Bunko was how we celebrate the Fourth of July.
  •  She’s recently been reading Shell Silverstein poems.
This will be Quentin’s 3rd year and he will be a Freshman Boy this summer!  We talked about the many new changes that happen for Freshmen…double electives, overnight trip to Cooperstown, no swim instruction, and so much more!  Right after my visit, he went on a Ski trip with his dad to Colorado, and he’s been busy with basketball, Hebrew school and tennis!  photoCan’t wait to have them all at camp…the girls have tons of camp spirit already, and hope to be on the gold team!  They were on the Gold Minions at day camp last year!