New Campers During Winter Break!

On the last day before winter break ended, I got to spend some time with Jordyn, a current 3rd grader that will be a Junior Girl at camp for her first summer.  I met her for the first time at her house, but it was clear from the home visit that she is going to be an awesome Canadensis camper…camp is in her genes because both of her parents went to great overnight camps when they were kids.  She lives in Lafayette Hill, PA and through her day camp and extra curricular activities, she’s met a lot of kids who have been going to Canadensis, or are coming for the first year.  I’m sure they will be looking out for her, and helping to make her first summer amazing.

There is a lot to know about Jordyn, but above all, she loves to sing and dance.  She gets a bit nervous to be on stage (just like me!) but it doesn’t stop her from performing, and most recently she played the role of Jan in Grease.  She is a well rounded girl, she loves to rock climb (even when she slips), she is excited to do the lake activities, and basically try anything that her bunk does.  She can learn how to do things really quickly…for example, her family went on a ski vacation last week, and she learned how to ski in one day, and made it all the way up to level six!  She also went swimming in a pool on vacation that was half indoors and half outside…which seems crazy for a winter ski resort!

Jordyn is most excited for dance because she dances two hours a week, she loves hip hop and plans to tryout for our dance team this summer!  She also was very excited for soccer & softball because she plays on teams for those sports as well.  She is also a great artist, and I got a tour of her room to see a bunch of her projects that she has made and painted.  She is a great student, and has tons of Golden Tickets and Awards on her wall from her teachers.  She’s also really neat, and had one of the cleanest camper closets I’ve ever seen – apparently she is good at folding!  Most importantly…Jordyn was the Gaga Champion of her camp age group last year, so you better watch out if she’s in the Gaga pit with you during Free Play!!

She also loves pillows, and we counted 19 of them on her bed at home! This will help her make friends easily at camp because she’ll have the most comfortable bed in her bunk!  She has a little brother named Jared (he’s a huge Eagles fan!), and she’s excited to meet her new “camp sisters” at Canadensis!

Speaking of sisters…check out this adorable photo of sisters Dylan, a current 1st grader who will be a Lower Junior Girl and Madison, a current 4th grader who will be a Lower Inter Girl. The girls will both be coming to camp for their first summer, and they found out during winter break by opening up a present that had these two Camp Canadensis t-shirts inside!!  Madison plans to wear it every day until camp starts (mom might have to put it in the washing machine while she’s away at school!), but clearly the girls are pumped for their first summer, and we can’t wait!

I had such a good time during Winter Break, I thought I’d make a Top 6 Memories list (I couldn’t stick to 5)…

#6: Waking up to breakfast in bed

#5: Going to see a taping of the Jimmy Fallon Show in NYC

#4: Doing tons of Arts & Crafts projects (see “I Made This” Monday…I have craft projects to post for months to come!)

#3: Baking Challah with my TBF (“The Best Friend”) and her 2 year old twins

#2: Going out to Chinese food on Christmas with friends and running into Marc Summers – host of my favorite childhood TV game show “Double Dare” and more recently the host of “Unwrapped” on the Food Network.  Marc Summers thought my friends son, Sammy, was SO CUTE that he actually came over and introduced himself!

#1: Without a doubt, meeting my cousin’s newest addition to the family, and being asked to be baby Simone’s legal guardian was one of the most special moments in my life!