New Campers from Blue Bell, PA!


A few nights ago I met with two new campers from Blue Bell, PA.  Hannah is a current 5th grader, and will be an Upper Inter Girl at camp this summer!  She came up for Tour & More Weekend last summer and got to sleepover and do a lot of activities!  She’s so excited to spend a full summer at camp, and she was thrilled to hear she can change her electives every week…so even if she doesn’t get all her top choices right away, she’ll definitely get them during the summer!  Here’s what you should know about Hannah:
  • She recently went on an awesome family vacation to Israel, and her favorite part of the trip was going in the Dead Sea and doing the hikes in the desert.
  • She plays the violin at school and takes piano lessons at home!
  • She goes to gymnastics once a week.  She’s on level 6, but has never been on a competition team before.  I definitely think she would love being on our gymnastics team this summer!
  • She’s also a pretty good swimmer, but does not like doing flip turns because the water goes up her nose – maybe we can teach her that at camp!
  • Hannah remembers a lot of fun stuff from the Tour & More weekend, including hanging out on the platform during free play, and going on the banana boat in the lake and holding on the longest!
  • She’s about to be in a play at school and her role is “Camper Sam” – and she has a little brother named Sam!
  • Her dad is a photographer (that’s why the photo above is so much better than my usual iPhone images) and she plans to sign up for a photography elective this summer!
  • She’ll be doing just about every art elective…ceramics wheel (like her Bubbe), art shack, and more!  But, she is also very interested in the cheerleading elective.
  • Hannah dressed up as a devil for Halloween this year, but she’s totally sweet!  However, I was warned that she likes to play practical jokes like losing her tooth…and she can cry on command!
  • She collects snow globes from all the places her dad travels and keeps them in her room.
  • She’s an avid reader who loves the “Percy Jackson” books, and just started reading the “Real Mermaids” series.
  • Her favorite color is neon orange and she has a gymnastics leotard that color…I told her to bring it to camp and I’m sure she’ll find some crazy reasons to dress up and wear it!
Next, I’d like to introduce you to Serena, a current 3rd grader who will be an Upper Junior Girl at camp this summer!  She loves sports…a lot, so she’ll be hard to keep up with this summer!  I got to hang out with her and her family after she finished homework, but before she went to basketball in the evening, she’s super busy!  She’s got both a serious and a silly side, and here’s what you should know about Serena:
  • Her most favorite sport would absolutely be soccer!  She plays soccer year round, and dressed up as a soccer player (Olympian Brandi Chastain) for Halloween this year.
  • She got the “Most Versatile” soccer award from her team (the Whitpain Wild) because she plays both midfield and goalie – she loves both positions!
  • She loves to run, so she doesn’t like tennis as much as other sports because it’s not enough running!
  • Last summer she went to a bunch of different week long summer camps – including a week of science camp, art camp, 2 soccer camps, a general sports camp and more!
  • Her family goes on vacation to Club Med in the Dominican Republic every year, and she loves doing archery, trapeze, dances by the pool and more activities there each year!
  • Until last year, she used to do gymnastics as an afterschool activity, and showed off how flexible she is!
  • She’s going to celebrate her birthday at camp this summer!  You get a bonus phone call with your family on your birthday, and it’s pretty cool that her dad is born on the same day!  They are both born on July 21st (and that’s the reason why she wears #21 on her jersey).
  • For her electives, she is definitely going to do soccer but she also really likes the idea of glass fusion, photography, art shack and ceramics!
  • She’s not very interested in trying lacrosse or swim team, but coming to camp is all about trying new things!
  • Her neighbor built a gaga pit in their backyard, so she can practice before the summer and be a pro a camp!
  • Her family rotates who cooks dinner on Friday nights, and when she was recently in charge she made a pasta with peppers and basil.  She didn’t eat it because she prefers plain food…but she loves matzoh ball soup, which we have every Friday!
  • One of her favorite shows is “Dancing with the Stars”, and the new season was starting on the same night I came over…I hope she made it home from basketball in time to watch!