NJ/PA Home Visits!

Check out the adorable photo above…it’s from the Tour & More in the summer 2011.  That was the first time Kylie got to spend a night at camp, and she cannot wait to join us for the full summer in 2013!  Kylie is now a current 3rd grader, and will be a Junior Girl at camp this summer.  She lives in Plymouth Meeting, PA and here’s what you need to know about this awesome new camper…

  • She has tons of energy, she was doing cartwheels and splits in the house, but she doesn’t even do gymnastics as an after school activity!
  • She does a TON of dancing after school, it’s her favorite thing to do!  She goes to dance class three days a week, and she is on a dance competition team.
  • She’s pumped for the inter-camp dance competitions this summer.  We are planning to host one at our camp, and travel to another camp as well!
  • She hopes to be on the blue team during Color War…maybe she knows the blue team has won for the past two years?
  • For her electives, she will probably choose to do gymnastics, dance and glass fusion…the last will be a mystery!
  • She’s going to stay in the dance elective for the entire summer and change the other two.  I’ll see her in the programming office each week and help her swap her schedule!
  • Kylie also takes piano lessons and goes to Hebrew School, she’s busy almost every night!
  • She’s working on riding her bike before camp, she’ll be ready to hit our trails by June!
  • Her favorite food is chocolate!  She likes chocolate covered everything!!  She got to try cooking when she was at camp two years ago, and can’t wait to go back!
  • Just like me, she doesn’t like to fly…we talked about how it’s scary, but worth it when you get to sit on the beach in Florida!
  • She loves Justin Bieber!
  • She got to decorate her room (except the paint color…it’s blue but she’d like it to be aqua!), and she hung up all these cool vinyl stickers.  I can’t wait to see what she does with her camp bunk.
  • At Kylie’s house they have “Salad Sunday” where the whole family gets to create their own salad from a big selection of veggies. She’s going to help teach her bunk mates how to eat and enjoy lots of salad bar items!
  • She wants to have really nice counselors this summer, and we can guarantee that!
Here’s a photo of me with Kylie (left) and her sisters.  Ali (in the middle) is a current 2nd grader who loves to dance and create art projects.  Jenna (right) is a current 5th grader who will be an Upper Inter Girl this summer, it’s going to be her 3rd year at camp!  In the photo, you can see that Jenna is wearing a “Bunk 9” reunion shirt from a recent bunk sleepover…it’s so cute!  It has a tootsie roll on it, and says “this is how we roll”.  Jenna came right home from school and immediately started her homework…she’s a serious student!  She is also really involved with dance, and also Hebrew school and piano lessons.  Jenna is great big sister, and she has TONS of camp spirit that she shares not only with Kylie & Ali, but also any younger camper she comes in contact with!
My next stop was across the street…Kylie & Ashton live on the same block!!  Ashton is a current 2nd grader, and will be a Lower Junior Boy at camp this summer.  He got a chance to spend the night at camp and do a ton of activities last summer when he came up for the Tour & More weekend (see the photo above).  He lives in Plymouth Meeting, PA and here’s what you need to know about this great new camper…
  • He loves the game  Tchoukball!  Have you ever heard of it??  It’s something he learned to play at school, and it’s a really awesome.  It’s sort of like handball, and you can learn more about it here – maybe we’ll play at camp?!
  • He takes a trip to the Outer Banks with his family every year.  He loves to hang out on the beach, dig huge holes and then wait for it to be filled up by the ocean, like a swimming pool.
  • He loves to play sports, and he’s very athletic.
  • He also likes cheering for the Philadelphia sports teams, so expect to see a smile on his face when the Phillies winning scores are announced at morning line-up this summer!
  • One of his favorite sports he learned at day camp was archery.  He even has his own bow now, and knows how to safely use it (ie, not in his driveway!).  He can’t wait to do archery at camp, and will probably choose it as an elective.
  • Ashton has an indoor Ping Pong table in the house, he is the ping pong champ of his family!
  • He’d done a few campouts before, a few years ago a tradition was started in his backyard.  He camped out, made s’mores with his dad and had lots of friends come over.  Now they do it every year and call it “Occupy Ashton”.
  • Truth be told, he’s not excited for MTV night (our bunk vs bunk music video evening activity) because he doesn’t like to sing and dance…but it’s so popular at camp, maybe he’ll like it?!
  • He definitely plans to sign up for basketball elective, and spend time on the court during free play.
  • He’s always been on the gold team for Color War at his day camp, so he wants to be on the blue team this year!
  • He sometimes goes by the name “Ash”, and he does really well in school.
I also got to hang out with Ashton’s older brother Max, who is a current 5th grader and will be an Upper Inter Boy this summer.  It will be his third year at camp, and he’s been seeing a lot of his bunk this year, including recently at a sleepover party.  He specifically wore a Camp Canadensis shirt for his visit…he loves camp!  He also goes by the nickname “Witty”, and he told me we need to plan a good overnight in 2013 for the Upper Inter Boys, unfortunately they’ve had bad weather two years in a row!
Over in Livingston, NJ, I got to spend some time with Amanda, a current 2nd grader who will be a Lower Junior Girl at camp.  She also did the Tour & More Weekend at camp last year (photo above), and .  Here’s what you need to know about this fun new addition to camp…
  • Her favorite TV shows are Dance Moms and Cupcake Wars – she can’t wait to have her room redone so she can get a TV in there!
  • She goes to dance classes once a week.  If she has enough time, she would like to be on the competition team like her big sister.
  • She is super busy with soccer!  She loves that sport, and she had even played a game outside the day before I came over (it had been realllly cold!)!
  • I went over to visit on a snowy day in March, and she told me about the storm when they lost power and the whole family slept downstairs in the basement – she said it was sorta fun to camp out down there together!
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is coconut.  She had it once when she went to Mexico on a family vacation.  She hopes they will have it at the Casino Movie theater – it’s a trip that every Canadensis camper goes on, and they have sooooo many ice cream flavors to choose from!
  • Her second favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip (they’ll definitely have that!).
  • Her soccer team name is the “Lady Leopards”.
  • She gets to sleep in a Blue and Gold room every night at home!  The ceiling is painted like the sky, and it helps her fall asleep.
  • She’s excited for the overnight camping trip!
  • Amanda has never gone on a upside down roller coaster before, but she can’t wait to try it at Dorney Park!
  • She got to do cooking as her elective during Tour & More last summer.  This year, she is going to choose gymnastics and maybe tennis as electives.
  • She told me she didn’t like vegetables at all…but it turns out she does like carrots and broccoli…and that’s a really good start!
  • For Halloween this year, she dressed up as a lady from “Monster High”.  Because of the Sandy Storm, they didn’t get to go house to house, but they went car to car and called in “trunk or treating” – very creative!
  • She had a couple of requests for the summer: she wanted to make sure her counselors would all be girls (yes!), that they all be nice (yes!) and she hopes she can have a middle bed so she can have friends on each side.
  • Amanda is both is a little sister and a big sister – baby Sloan (not pictured) and her like to do gymnastics together.
Her older sister Ashley is currently in 5th grade and will be an Upper Inter Girl this summer.  It will be her second season at camp and we can’t wait to have her back!  She has been really busy at school…I could barely tear her away from her homework!  She told me a little bit about her dance classes, and about the camp friends she’s been seeing at sleepovers.