Now It’s Starting to Feel Like Summer!

Hello Canadensis…

Now, this what I’m talking about!  It’s 75-degrees outside and really starting to feel like summer.  Things here have been really busy as we are about 6 weeks from moving up to camp, ourselves.  Matt Unger actually moves up in just two weeks!  Wow!  As you may know, setting up camp is a tall order.  Our first pre-camp group arrives at the beginning of May.

Of course, the beginning of May will also mark our 4th Annual CIT Weekend at Camp!  For these past four years, we have always viewed this as the unofficial beginning to the summer.  Our CITs each and every year are truly the backbone to all of the amazing spirit that goes on at camp.  In fact, when I am in camper homes, many campers want to know who will be their CIT?!?!  How awesome is that!  For those new to Canadensis, the CITs are our oldest campers, those finishing 10th grade.  For several periods each day, a CIT is matched up with a bunk and be a leader for that cabin of boys or girls.  Other periods in the day, they are assigned to activity areas to help assist in.  And, of course, for Color War, our CITs are the team leaders.  We will have pictures for you from our CIT Weekend on May 1 and 2.

In just a few weeks, we will have our new camper bowling get-togethers at the Brunswick Zone in North Brunswick, NJ.  This event is for our new Junior and Lower Inter campers and those campers that were in Bunk 2 in Summer 2009.  This event has always been a wonderful opportunity for campers to meet other new campers and get the excitement for Summer 2010 underway!  This year, we are also happy to let you know that we will be flying in Head Counselors Robin Hasson and Will Armon for our campers and parents to meet.  If you haven’t RSVP’d for the event yet, please do so at

Talking about meeting campers, I was on the road again to meet some more of our campers…new and returning.  First, I was in Woodbury, NY to see new camper and 5th grader Marissa Levine.  Marissa will be in Upper Inter in 2010 and has heard so many wonderful stories about Canadensis from her cousins Rachel and Matty Weiner.  In the fall, winter and spring, Marissa likes to a little bit of everything from tennis to dance to softball to basketball.  In a wonderful coincidence, Marissa is on softball and basketball teams with fellow Canadensis camper Ashley Shogan.  Marissa also plays the violin in the school orchestra and sings in the school chorus.  This summer, she can’t wait to try water skiing, tennis, softball, the water trampoline and all the activities in the Art Center. Here is a picture…

Me with Upper Inter Girl Marissa Levine.

Me with Upper Inter Girl Marissa Levine.

In Blue Bell, PA, I got to hang out with Junior Girl Valerie Solomon.  Currently in the 3rd grade, Valerie is also a second generation Canadensis camper as her father Bob was a camper and staff member in the 70’s and 80’s.  Valerie is definitely a busy girl.  First, she performs in the Young Starrs Theater Company playing roles in shows such as “Miss Nelson is Missing” and “Rumpelstiltskin.”  She is also involved in soccer and softball teams, gymnastics, swimming and bike riding.  She loves having sleepovers with friends, too!  When I got to their house, the family had just returned from a ski trip in Colorado.  When summer comes, she can’t wait to try horseback riding, the climbing wall, ropes course and zipline, the water trampoline and waterskiing.  Here is a photo…

Me with Second Generation Canadensis Camper Valerie Solomon.

Me with Second Generation Canadensis Camper Valerie Solomon.

At the end of last week, I got to be part of a really special treat.  Turns out that Diana Altman was having a sleepover at her house in Livingston, NJ for the Girls of Bunk 8 from Summer 2009.  Although the entire bunk couldn’t make it, a majority of the bunk showed up for a weekend of art projects, dinner out on the town and rollerblading.  I was able to stop by for a few hours to be part of the fun.  The girls were excited to see me and while I was there, all we could talk about was our favorite thing…Canadensis!  Of course, within the first few minutes, I was attacked with the pony tail treatment.  Here is a pic…

Party at Diana Altman's House this past weekend.  In attendance was Jessie Novey, Sydney Sable, Olivia Menkowitz, Lindsey Reiter, Alexa Binday, Dani Sussman, Lauren LaMagna and brother Jonathan Altman.  I got the pony tail treatment very early in the day as you can see.

Party at Diana Altman's House this past weekend. In attendance was Jessie Novey, Sydney Sable, Olivia Menkowitz, Lindsey Reiter, Alexa Binday, Dani Sussman, Lauren LaMagna and brother Jonathan Altman. I got the pony tail treatment very early in the day as you can see.

The next day, I got several calls from the girls in the bunk who let me know that they were on the radio giving a shout out to Camp Canadensis.  Click the following link to listen.

Click here to listen to Canadensis on the Radio.

Congratulations goes out to Greg Ricken, who was the victor of our First Annual Camp Canadensis Craziness College Basketball Selection Pool.  Greg apparently didn’t have Kansas, Kentucky or Syracuse winning the tournament and therefore won by process of default.  Ha Ha!  Only kidding, Greg.  Way to go!  Greg will win a very special prize as the winner, including a big hug from Jared “Groundhog” Katzman.  Now, that is special!  By the way, that final game last night with Duke just barely beating out Butler was one heckuva game!

I wanted to share with you a very cool new activity we will be doing at camp this summer that I think everyone is sure to enjoy!  A few weeks ago at the Tri-State Camp Conference, I had the opportunity of meeting Adam Issadore, who is a music teacher in Westchester County, NY.  Adam is also a very accomplished drummer.  When he was a child, he went to Camp Akiba and is very familiar with sleepaway camp.  This summer, he will be coming to Canadensis with his company Path To Rhythm.  For two days, campers and staff will be participating in drum circles.  For more information, please visit his website at  This is going to be an awesome activity!

More blogging coming soon.  Until then…Have a great day…Brian