On the road all week!

Hello all. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but I along with Aunt Terri left the office in the afternoon to drive up to north Jersey and have dinner with an alumnus and her son. Heidi Skolnick and her son Bradley are good friends of Canadensis. The past 2 summers they have come to visit and hopefully Bradley will be a camper real soon! We went to a great Italian restaurant in Englewood and enjoyed great conversation. Heidi is a Today Show Guest from time to time on her topic of expertise- nutrition. She is also in the process of writing a book, so she is quite busy. As many of you know, I have an affinity for the Today Show and so we talked about some of the ins and outs of the show, which of course I absolutely love to hear.

When we got back last night to the Plymouth Meeting Office around 8:45PM, I had to run in to use the bathroom. We have an alarm system and since I never open in the morning (our office opens at 8AM, and I start at 9AM!), I have never had to turn off the alarm. Well, what a disaster that was and after 5 minutes of trying to push random buttons (yes I knew the correct code), I sort of set off the alarm, or tripped it, and felt horrible. I waited a little while and the police didn’t show up, so I went to Shoprite to do some food shopping and I guess when I got back, I missed the police. Oh well…it got some laughs and chuckles this morning from the others in our office!

Today was a great day! Matt and Cara sent out postcards to some of our prospective families and we had some great laughs throughout the process. Then Aunt Terri came with an afternoon snack for each of us- McDonald’s diet coke floats. She invented it after finding out from Robin that the ice cream is “supposedly” only 3 weight watcher points, including the cone. So, if we put it in diet coke, maybe it’s only 2? I have to admit, it was great tasting, except for the ice they stuck in there! So, go to McDonalds, order a coke float, but make sure you specify no ice. They may look at you like you have 10 heads, but tell them to fill the cup halfway with soda and then put ice cream on top. It’s good, I promise.

Terri also replaced the “stolen/missing” peanut butter filled candy cane today, since Matt went to camp yesterday and picked up more. Except, I opened my mouth and told Robin about the candy cane and once again, there goes mine. Robin now wants it and there is me without my PB filled candy cane…poor ME, haha.

Tonight, I went to see the Burstein Family (Lindsey and Michael) and their dad Billy. Some of you may recall Dr. Burstein who was the camp doctor the week after visiting day. Billy is also an alumni of Canadensis and it was great to catch up with them. The kids are doing great and when asked are you returning to camp, the answer was YES! They loved the wristbands I dropped off and will hopefully be at the reunion.

Next, I went to see the Steinman Family. Jack and Max are both doing great. Max will be coming to camp for the first time (lower inter boy) and is into sports, arts and crafts a little, some water activities, you get the point! He is definitely an all-around kind of boy, but very into soccer. He currently plays on a travel Philly Soccer team and is looking forward to playing on the soccer intercamp team representing Canadensis! I had a great time seeing both of them and talking “camp.”

Tomorrow is actually a quiet day (as of now) and I will be hopefully be coming home and cooking dinner, after being on the road the last 2 nights! Thursday, I am headed out to L.I. again to see a few families. If you want me to stop by Thursday, or anytime, email me- eric@canadensis.com and I will try my best. I would love to drop in and say hello!!

Sorry no pictures today, but hopefully I will remember that my cell phone which does everything under the sun, also has a camera on it and I should USE it to take pics! On a final note, Sam Ginsburg is back in town for a month, so I am excited and looking forward to seeing him soon. While I am doing shout-outs, Will Armon (Lower boys HC and YES HE IS STILL MY CO-ANCHOR ON TODAY!!!) will be here in less than a month for our winter leadership meeting/reunion weekend! I can’t wait to see him and all of you!!!!