Packing and getting ready for Where in the World!

Busy week in the office getting ready for my upcoming adventure. This year I will be taking 3 separate trips overseas, some of them similar to the past few years, but there are also new destinations. Also, I am now on twitter and I will be doing most of my updates on where in the world from the twitter account. So hop on over to and become a “follower”. There will be contests throughout my trips in which you can reply to my tweet by emailing with your response. You can earn points and the people who collect the top points win great prizes, including as an ice cream sundae party for your bunk, an exclusive spot on the Canadensis Today Show, and much more!

Otherwise, I look forward to seeing as many staff as possible from the past years at my first destination. I will post videos with staff members right here on the blog and pictures/contests to the twitter. So, for the next few weeks check back often and enjoy Part 1 of Where in the World is Eric Forti!!

Screen shot 2010-01-18 at 9.35.27 PM