Photobooth with Will Armon at the Stroud Mall!

As you can see from the photo in the previous post, yes it’s true. Will Armon and I sacrificed our dignity and entered the photo booth at the Stroud Mall. But, it was all in the name of Canadensis Today! We did a “photoshoot” with Cara Corradetti assisting us in different poses. It was a quite a sight and I think the 25 people in the entire mall (AKA OUR STAFF!) enjoyed the laughs.

So today is unfortunately a bit rainy and cold again. I thought the weather had broken, but to no avail…However, the good news is that Sunday (Open House) is supposed to be great weather.

We welcomed a school from NJ who will be with us until Friday. There was a bit of an “incident” today when the buses pulled in. They brought 12 coach buses to camp, which is alot to try to park all simultaneously on the camp roads! It takes alot of coordination and effort on our part, believe it or not. So the “lead” driver insisted on remaining first, however it’s not always possible because buses can’t exactly pass one another in front of the office, especially with kids roaming around, luggage to unpack, etc. To make a long story short, the driver argued with some of our staff so I had to get involved and defend our staff, who were just doing their job correctly. I think I made an enemy in him, but it was all for the safety of the kids and the camp. Oh well, can’t win them all!

In more positive news, a few nights ago Aunt Terri hosted the Barrett Business Association, which is comprised of many of the local businesses. The owner of Lewis’s supermarket nearby, realtors, an insurance agent, etc. all attended the free BBQ. The kitchen went “fancy” and made burgers from scratch, hot dogs, and many salads. Aunt Terri coordinated the dinner with about 50 people in attendance and it was enjoyed by all. At the end of the night, some of the staff (namely ME) had a craving for cookies, so I put some frozen cookie dough in the oven, turned the switch to ON, but never turned the gas to ON. Therefore, the oven was blowing air, but never got hot. Eventually the cookies baked (sort of), but who cares- they were good!

Last night as I mentioned earlier we took all of the precamp staff as a little treat to the local movies. They enjoyed it and tonight they are planning staff parties for the rest of precamp. One night will feature a Rock Band Tournament amongst many other activities and ideas they have come up with.

This group is here until Friday and then a busy weekend ahead. Looking forward to a great Open House, so remember if you didn’t RSVP yet, please do so! We hope to see as many 2009 campers up here as possible.