Powerwashing, more raking, and painting

I promised everyone updates on what we do precamp, but unfortunately there isn’t much more to write than the title. Don’t worry, I am sure I will fill this blog entry up with other things, but basically what we have done the past few days is Powerwashing, raking, and painting.

The past few days, yours truly (ME!) climbed on top of the main office and powerwashed the roof shingles and the awning. We also powerwashed the many sheds, additional awnings, benches, and sidewalks to wash away all the winter “junk” from them!

James, one of our woodworking counselors, painted the HQ door frames white and they look fresh and new! Many of our counselors continue to rake, rake, and rake. Every year I say the same thing, but it seems like more leaves somehow appear.

Brian is busy in the office finalizing the schedule, games/activities, and making nametags for Open House. Cara is working on the trips and finalizing our hotel reservations, entertainment, and meals on the road. Matt spent half of the day accepting food deliveries, including tons of flour, sugar, and other bakery supplies as Harold the Baker will be arriving in the coming weeks.

Today, Will Armon arrived for the summer. As many of you already know, Will and I are the co-hosts for the upcoming Today Show. We will bring to all of you another episode of Countdown to Canadensis Today during the Open House.

I hope many of you are planning on coming to Open House this coming Sunday. If you haven’t yet RSVP’d please do so via email or call our office, but let us know so we can plan on seeing you up at camp for what promises to be an excellent day!

Wednesday through Friday a school from NJ will be here and then this weekend we welcome Girl Scouts and YMCA’s, who will be leaving at 11AM Sunday, just in time for Open House!!

For now, that’s all. Keep checking both the www.canadensis.com website as well as this blog for more videos and blog postings in the coming days. We have a very special video introducing some of our many new areas of camp for Summer 2009 in the works for all of you to enjoy!