Preparing for a Very Berry Weekend…

If I had to make a list of my top ten favorite things in the whole wide world “Seeing Camp Friends in the Off Season” would definitely make the cut. Which is why my Monday Blues are quickly wiped away when I remember that I will be spending the weekend hosting the one and only Lauren Berry!

While she is currently making her way across the glorious USA, Miss Berry will be arriving in my hometown on Thursday night, and staying for a long weekend of fun and friends! After work on Friday we’ll head into the city and meet up with some of my friends for dinner, and then head home to hang out with the two cutest dogs in the universe, Leo and Bella. The rest of the weekend will be free for us to do whatever we feel like, so all of our Philly area campers and counselors should get in touch if you want to see Lauren while she’s in town!

In other fun camp related news, Becky J saw this flyer hanging on a bulletin board for other students in the Camp Management department (Yes, Becky J’s major is Camp Management!):