Raining and Pouring

Hi Everyone! The weather has been especially rainy today, and Saturday was really stormy as well.  I’m hoping it will let up soon, as I am NOT a big fan of  this weather. Over the weekend Dani and I went on an adventure in the crazy rainstorm to make our way to dinner with Rebecca Waxman (I bet you knew that was coming!) and Karen Sharir! We had a lovely dinner at (another typical response) The Cheesecake Factory and did lots of  “Shopping”… I put shopping in quotations because we didn’t really buy too much, we just walked in and out of our favorite stores while catching up and talking about our favorite topic… camp! We shared a delicious guacamole appetizer, which made me miss Erica Carey, who is currently abroad in Europe, because she always gets Guac with us when we have Cheesecake dinners. We miss you Erica!

In other news, I was 110% excited for last night’s episode of Greek. I never used to be a huge television fan, but now when I come home from work, and after I do all the other crazy work I have to do at home, I really look forward to that 9 o’clock hour when I can snuggle up with my puppy, Leopold, and watch some exaggerated teen drama. I must admit, Monday nights tend to be hectic for me, as Greek and Gossip Girl are on AT THE SAME TIME! I usually have to choose which one I’m more eager to watch (this week, Greek won) and I tape the other on the DVD recorder. On Wednesdays I look forward to Glee, and when January rolls around I will be utterly obsessed with watching LOST (Shout out to JCal!). So for those of you out there who watch Gossip Girl and/or Greek, what did you think of last night? And for everyone out there, what shows do you look forward to every week?

Well, it’s been busy in the office this week, with contracts starting to go out for 2010 Counselors, beginning to plan our cross-country college tour, and all the other business as usual, this office has been working hard. I hope everyone had a chance to fill out the camper survey we sent out last month, because we’re using those results to make summer 2010 the best one yet! If you still haven’t filled it out, feel free to email us for the link!

Alright, that’s all for now. I’ll leave you with a picture of my favorite television snuggle buddy, Mr. Leopold Corradetti.

Leo is the most adorable puppy!

Leo is the most adorable puppy!