Raking, raking, and more raking

So the theme of this week for the staff is RAKING! We have leaves, pine cones, pine needles, sticks, and other assorted finds all over the place. Yesterday and today the staff (which now includes Luke Holten and Levi Smathers) as well as our kitchen staff raked from the Rec Hall all the way down past the boys pool, movie theatre, Honda shed, following the drainage ditch along the lake field down to the lake. We have two ways of collecting the leaves- a state of the art leaf vacuum, which I refer to as the leaf sucker upper, as well as the old fashioned way of filling trash cans and dumping them in the woods. So the sounds around camp are rakes, leaf blowers, leaf suckers, and trucks driving back and forth.

Tom is busy at the Boys Pool now (the girls pool is FILLING as I type this!) draining the pool, taking out all of the wet leaves, and powerwashing it clean. We will then have the pool painted white (with black lane markers) and then begin the filling process. During this time, the pool company has to come in and install the new drain cover to comply with the act (which you can read more about from a previous post last week).

So as you can see, things are quite busy around camp. We have lots to do before we welcome our first school next Monday and then welcome new groups almost daily until staff orientation. Saturday and Sunday are big staff arrival days for us, as we will have about 16 total staff by Sunday for precamp.

Before I go, shout-out to Cara’s blog about the CIT weekend. I was going to write all about it, but she beat me to it and did a better job! Enjoy the pics on her blog. She briefly mentions a custom made cake by me. Well on Saturday, just before it was time to serve dinner to our CIT’s and rental group, I was in the back of the dining hall in the bakery and saw a circular cake lying around. So I decided to ice it and dedicate it to the CITs. What I didn’t know is that you are supposed to remove it from the pan and flip it upside down BEFORE icing a cake, since the bottom is flatter and smoother. So, the CIT’s ended up with a double sided iced cake, HAHA! Nonetheless, they devoured it and clearly enjoyed eating every last bite- none was leftover for me. Oh well, I get the last laugh since I have the keys to the bakery all summer long once the “real” baker (NOT ME) arrives and we start producing black and white cookies, chocolate chip cake, etc.

Off to do some work and then bed. By the way, 24 is the most amazing TV show! Goodnight all.