Reunion 2008!

What a reunion! Today was an absolute blast. The day started with a brunch for all of our head staff with a brief meeting, followed by the reunion! We had an amazing turnout and it was great to see so many campers from last summer. It’s always weird for me to see our campers in jeans, sweatshirts, and with long hair! A lot of parents stayed and it seemed like many are enjoying the blog, which is always nice to hear. Shutout to Max Vorcheimer, Noah and Ben Rubin, and all of the other “regulars” on the blog!

The attitude and energy was so exciting during the reunion. Everyone was smiling and simply having FUN! The younger campers loved bowling, complete with bumpers, as well as enjoyed eating pizza and drinking soda. The older campers clearly wanted to just hang out with their friends. Some have had smaller, informal reunions, while many have not seen their friends since last August. It was definitely an absolutely amazing day.

Special thanks (it seems like I always have people to thank) goes out to many staff members today. Thanks to all of the staff members who came to help out today. A special award goes to group leader Kenzie Gauthier who flew all the way in from OREGON Saturday morning, after buying her ticket just one day earlier. Also, Sam Ginsburg for coming up from DC and giving us a hand, and all of the head staff that gave up their weekend to talk about our passion- CAMP! Special thanks to Groundhog and Jaycal for taking every picture/video we could ever ask for and doing it with such a positive and excited attitude. And most importantly, THANKS to all of the camp parents who gave up their Sunday’s to drive their kids to the reunion!

I am back in my apartment now and the packing must begin for Wednesday’s flights to halfway around the world…destination still unknown. Remember, stay tuned starting soon for “Where in the World is Eric Forti”. We have many of the clues already set and are looking forward to a friendly challenge amongst our campers, staff, and alumni!

Pictures from the reunion and some special 411 videos will be posted on the media room of within a few days.