Reunion Time!

Hello Camp Canadensis!

Happy New Year!  I hope this blog has everyone that attended camp in Summer 2014 excited for our annual reunion this weekend!  I can’t wait to see everyone.  Our new location is perfect for this event.  For two hours, the place will solely be ours and it is packed with great games and rides.  Of course, I can’t wait to hear just what everyone has been up to since camp ended in August last year.  From what I’ve heard, many of you are coming.  I’ve even got word that a number of our amazing staff will be able to make it!

Winter Reunion Save the Date BG

Things here at the camp office have started to kick into high hear with the calendar turning over to ’15.  Me, Eric, Pam, Cara and Matt have started to get out on the road or will be going out very soon to do our staff hiring.  Eric just got back from Australia and New Zealand.  Matt was in Eastern Europe hiring our support staff.  Me, Pam and Cara will be hitting a number of spots in the U.S., trying to hire some of the best new counselors out there.  Of course, if you know of anyone that would be a great counselor, which in our opinion is someone that could be a “Mature Goofball,” please have them complete an online application on our website.  Or, by clicking here.  Of course, we are happy to let you know that we also have so many counselors returning for another summer.  If you are one of those staff that are “still on the fence” about returning, please try to touch base with us as soon as possible to let us know if you can make it back for another amazing summer.  Spots are going quick!

For those that didn’t know, February 1 is I HEART CAMP DAY!  Have you ever mentioned camp to someone you’ve met and seen how their eyes suddenly light up? Did this then lead to a lively conversation loaded with camp memories? Perhaps you recounted kayaking on the lake, playing capture the flag, going on wild scavenger hunts, meeting your best friend, or singing incredibly silly songs. Although there may be people in your life that do not understand your camp love, the people at I HEART CAMP do understand. In fact, the people at I HEART CAMP have a website to allow to share your love of camp, beginning on February 1, 2015. For more about how you can find others that share their love of camp as much as you, go to the I HEART CAMP website by clicking here.


February 1 is I HEART CAMP DAY.

For all of our 2015 camp families, our first mailing for Summer 2015 left our Winter office this week.  This mailing predominantly deals with camp shopping.  In the mailing, you will find our official camp catalog.  Some cool new items this year, too!  Please be on the look out for it.  For new families, if you have any questions about camp packing, be sure to get in touch with us.  We are happy to answer any questions you might have.


The new camp clothing catalog, from our official camp supplier The Camp Spot, should be arriving shortly.

As many of you know, outside of my family and my love for camp, I love football.  I am really looking forward to the Super Bowl next weekend!  And, it’s officially the last time I can break out my tailgating grill to cook up some delicious steak tips before we put it away until next year in September.  What a game it should be!  Who do you like in this year’s match-up?!  The Seahawks?  The Patriots?  If you send me an e-mail, guessing the winner and the correct score, I’ll send you a camp T-Shirt.  Good luck!


Pick this year’s Super Bowl winner with the score and win a camp shirt!  E-Mail me at

In this blog, so many home visits to tell you about…

In Narbeth, PA, I saw the Reisners…Anna, Lindsay and William!  Anna, who is back for her 4th summer, and Lindsay, returning for her 3rd summer, are thrilled that brother William will be joining them for his first summer at Camp Canadensis.  William, currently in 2nd grade, will be a Lower Junior in Summer 2015.  William plays flag football and baseball as well as currently playing in a basketball league.  In the Winter, he enjoys going skiing.  William also let me know that he is a big Lego builder.  At camp this year, he can’t wait for archery, the quads, mountain biking and gaga.  Now in 6th grade, Anna plays softball in the Fall and Spring and basketball in the Winter.  This time of year, you will also find her skiing.  Anna wanted to give a shout out to her camp sisters of Summer 2014’s Bunk 10 and wanted to let them know that she misses “Ammy the Bike.”  As a Freshman this upcoming Summer, Anna is pumped for her Hershey trip and Color War.  Lindsay, who is now in the 5th grade, plays soccer in the Fall and Spring while skiing in the Winter months.  She also wanted to give a shout out to her bunkmates from Summer 2014’s Bunk 8 and wanted to them to remember “Febreze.”  For the upcoming summer at camp, where she will be an Upper Inter, Lindsay looks forward to her out of camp trips and having her brother at camp.  Here is a picture…


Me with William, Lindsay and Anna Reisner.

In Bellmore, NY, I saw Jordyn Sherman (currently in 6th grade) and Carly Sherman (currently in 2nd grade).  Jordyn is back for Summer number 2 as part of our Freshman division while Carly joins us for her first summer in the Lower Junior Girls group.  In the Fall, Carly played on a soccer team called the Rock Stars.  All year long, she is involved in gymnastics classes at Platinum Athletics.  She also loves arts and crafts, watching movies (her favorite is “Elf”), playing tennis and collecting Shopkins.  When she comes to camp, she is so ready for things like gaga, making s’mores at campfires, eating waffles and ice cream for breakfast and having her birthday at camp.  Since camp ended last year, Jordyn has seen her camp friends several times.  She wanted to give a shout out to the Girls of Bunk 11 from Summer 2014 and had the message of “Soy salty” that she wanted to say to them.  Jordyn plays tennis, hangs out with friends throughout the year as well.  She is really looking forward to the camp reunion.  In Summer 2015, Jordyn can’t wait for her Hershey Park trip and Color War.  Here is a photo…


Me with Jordyn and Carly Sherman.

In Merrick, NY, I spent some time with the Liebermans…Adam, Bradley and Sarah, all who will be at camp this summer.  Adam (currently in 6th grade and a Freshman for Summer 2015) and Bradley (currently in 5th grade and an Upper Inter for Summer 2015) are back for their second summers while sister Sarah (currently in 2nd grade and a Lower Junior for Summer 2015) joins us for her first summer at Canadensis.  Sarah plays on a soccer team in both the Fall and Spring months.  In the Winter, she is on a basketball team.  When at home, Sarah enjoys watching her favorite TV show “Zoey 101” and listening to music.  When she gets to camp in June, she is ready to have a whole lot of fun and meet new friends.  Adam is currently on two basketball teams, including his travel team, the Cougars.  In the Fall, he was on a soccer team, the Gunners.  When Spring rolls around, you will find him playing baseball on his travel team, the Cyclones.  Adam can’t wait for Summer 2015 to get here when he gets to live on Freshman Hill.  He wanted to say hello to all of his buddies from Summer 2014’s Bunk 12.  Bradley is also on two basketball teams this Winter.  In both the Fall and Spring, it’s baseball season for Bradley.  He wanted to give a shout out to his camp crew, Summer 2014’s Bunk 7.  For Summer 2015, Bradley is psyched about hondas and playing in the CBL and IBL sports leagues.  Here is a a pic…


(From L to R): Me with Bradley, Adam and Sarah Lieberman.

In Armonk, NY, I got to hang out with Michael Solow, who is currently in the 3rd grade and will be part of our Upper Junior Boys division this summer.  Michael currently plays on a travel basketball team, the Greenwich Stars.  In the Fall, he played second base and pitcher on a travel baseball team.  In the Spring, it will be baseball season again when he plays in the ABC League.  When at home, Michael enjoys watching sports and rooting for his favorite teams such as the New York Giants, Knicks, Mets and Syracuse Orange as well as playing X-Box and wii video games.  When he comes to Canadensis for his first summer, Michael is looking forward to all of the sports at camp as well as all of the lake activities.  Here is a photo…


Me with Michael Solow.

In Syosset, NY, I got to know Jossie Freedman, who is currently in the 4th grade.  Jossie really enjoys performing.  She sings in her school chorus and soon will be part of her school’s Winter Concert.  Jossie also let me know that she will soon star as Ms. Hannigan in the “Stars of Tomorrow” performance of “Annie.”  Jossie also plays in a basketball league on her team called the Purple Donuts and plays tennis.  When she is hanging out at home with friends and family, she loves listening to music.  Her favorites are tunes by Meghan Trainor and Taylor Swift.  She can also be found playing games like Clue, cards and Just Dance on the wii.  When I asked her what she is looking forward to in her first summer camp as part of the Lower Inter Girls division, Jossie replied, “Everything!”  In particular, she is excited to be in the camp show and go banana boating.  Here is a snapshot…


Me with Jossie Freedman.

In Plainview, NY, I got to hang out with Dylan and Bailey Germain.  Dylan will be in the Upper Junior Boys division in his first summer while Bailey returns for her fourth summer as part of our Freshman Girls division.  Currently in 3rd grade, Dylan plays and trains for baseball all year round and enjoys playing second base.  In the Winter, he plays in a basketball league.  On top of all that, he takes tennis lessons and works with a swimming coach.  When at home, Dylan enjoys rooting for his favorite sports teams, the Islanders, Mets, Jets and Nets as well as watching his favorite TV shows such as “Survivor” and “Worst Cooks in America.”  When he gets to camp, Dylan let me know that he is particularly looking forward to the water slides, cooking, the lake and all the sports as well as getting to meet new friends.  As for Bailey, now in the 6th grade, she has been busy with dance, dance and more dance.  She is currently on a competitive dance team and is rehearsing routines in hip hop, jazz and tap.  Recently, she was selected to rehearse in a trio routine and will be showing that performance in an upcoming competition.  She is also playing in a basketball league.  But, Bailey has made some time since camp to see as many camp friends as possible, although she is constantly talking to them online and in texts.  She also wanted to give a shout out to the Girls of Bunk 11 from Summer 2014 and let them also know to remember “Soy salty.”  She is really excited to have both her brother and cousin at camp this year for the first time as well as going on the Hershey trip.  Bailey also let me know that “every summer at camp is all about your friends.”  Here is a picture…


Me with Bailey and Dylan Germain.

In New York City, I got know Rebecca Hacker, who is currently in the 3rd grade and will be an Upper Junior girl in 2015.  Rebecca likes to do a lot of things from rollerblading in the park to playing basketball and indoor soccer (known as Futsol),  On top of that, when shes at home she loves learning magic tricks, doing science experiments and making cool things on her rainbow loom.  She also loves watching TV shows on the Food Network and HGTV.  Finally, Rebecca let me know that in March, she will be playing a grandparent, a detective and an oompa loompa in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”  When she comes to camp for her first summer this year, she is looking forward to going camping, waterskiing, ziplining and rock climbing.  Here is a a photo…


Me with Rebecca Hacker.

Also in New York City, I met up with 4th grader Jonah Saltzman.  Jonah will be a Lower Inter at camp in his first summer.  He is a busy guy.  In the Spring, he plays baseball.  In the Fall and Spring, he plays soccer.  In the Fall, he also plays flag football.  On top of all that, he plays lacrosse.  Jonah is a big fan of college football, the Yankees and NASCAR.  He also let me know that he enjoys learning about different cars and enjoys technology.  Jonah told me that one day he could see himself being a sportscaster on television.  When at home, he likes to play Minecraft and games on X-Box.  At camp in 2015, Jonah is excited about the quads and hondas, soccer, gaga and just being outside.  He also mentioned that he is thrilled that there is no homework at camp.  Here is a pic…


Me with Jonah Saltzman.

In Westfield, NJ, I spent time with Jacob Hafer.  Jacob is in the 3rd grade and will be an Upper Junior is his first summer in 2015.  In the Fall, Jacob plays in a soccer league.  This time of year, he is in a basketball league.  And, come Spring, he will be in a baseball league, where he likes to play second base and shortstop.  On top of all that, he plays lacrosse and tennis.  In the past year, Jacob has also started to take guitar lessons.  When at home, Jacob likes to watch TV shows and root on his favorite teams, the New York Giants and Yankees.  When he gets to camp, Jacob can’t wait to try waterskiing, the quads and playing in the Canadensis Baseball League.  Here is a snapshot…


Me with Jacob Hafer.

Finally, here are some great reunions and get togethers we learned took place over the past few weeks.

Some of our Upper Junior Boys for Summer 2015.  From L to R: Wyatt Weiner, Jared Rutman, Griffin Kades, Matthew Moskow and Hayden Picker.

Some of our Upper Junior Boys for Summer 2015. From L to R: Wyatt Weiner, Jared Rutman, Griffin Kades, Matthew Moskow and Hayden Picker.

Cousins on vacation.  From L to R: Sasha Marcus, Bailey Germain and Dylan Germain on New Year's Eve.

Cousins on vacation. From L to R: Sasha Marcus, Bailey Germain and Dylan Germain on New Year’s Eve.

Well, that’s all the blogging for now.  More to come soon.  Looking forward to seeing as many Canadensis campers and staff on Sunday!

Have a great day!