Seussical the Musical!

I must take a break from my regularly scheduled CIT Intro postings to tell you all about the amazing fun had with camp friends over the weekend!!!

For those of you who are new to my blog or have yet to meet me, you should know now that I loooove theatre – musical theatre and plays, from Broadway to community, I love it all. I spent my entire childhood and high school career performing in shows and now as a semi-grown-up, I try to see as much theatre as possible, as often as possible, with as many friends as possible. Loyal readers may have noticed that every few blog entries involves me being in New York with camp friends seeing a play or grabbing rush tickets to a musical. It’s just one of my favorite things…cue: Julie Andrews singing My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music…

My very first job at Canadensis was “Theatre Specialist” and it was here that [Junior Boy/now CIT] Brett Levine and I starred in the Camp Canadensis Production of “Once on this Island”.

Here we are in 2006, belting out a tune!

8 years later we still talk about how much fun we had doing Canadensis theatre, and I have always wanted to go see Brett perform in a show in the off season – kid has some serious talent! The planets aligned and this year I made it my goal to get to his musical, and in the spirit of this upcoming summer, I got some of the other CITs involved in the fun! Brett had no idea we were bringing along some of his camp friends, and the result was an amazing evening of friends, fun, and musical theatre!

Rachel, Carly, Mallie, Bari, Maddie, Melissa, Grama, and JRo pose after dinner!

JCal made an appearance to help get everyone to the show!

Grama shows off her Brett tee shirt!

Dani and Alex representing the Super Seniors!

Brett Fan Club with Brett after the show!

Dani and I are so proud of this talented kid!

Backstage tour for camp friends!

After the show the Levine family (who, if you haven’t heard, are AMAZING!) invited everyone back for snacks and silliness at their home. We talked about camp and our summer ideas and just had the most wonderful time being together. Camp friends may be miles apart, but when we all get together it’s as if camp was only yesterday!

And of course, no time with camp friends is ever complete without trying to take a selfie with their dog:

Tori, Kobe, and Dani for the Selfie Win.